Red Dead Online’s Trader And Collector Roles Need More Content

Back in September of this year, Rockstar added roles to Red Dead Online. These roles greatly improved the game, giving players something to work towards and also offered players new content and abilities to unlock while earning some in-game cash.

‘Shop Contest: $120k Banana With Some Duct Tape

People complain about modern art a lot. “Anyone could paint some dots on a canvas.” Usually, their complaints are unfair. But then someone sticks a banana to a wall and sells it for $120,000 and sort of proves a lot

Installing A Video Card: The Kotaku Review

Long ago, when I was much younger and had more free time, I would pull apart old PCs and build new ones. It was fun. I didn’t know what I doing and over time I learned what RAM was and

How the Experts at Legacy Effects Brought E.T. Back to Life

E.T. got a sequel, did you notice? Well, of a sorts, in the form of a lavish holiday commercial that brought Eliot back and recreated the vibe of the classic Spielberg film, complete with a puppet version of E.T. himself.

Sunday Comics: You Don’t Believe In Santa Claus…Right?

Hello! It’s time for Kotaku’s Sunday Comics, your weekly roundup of the best webcomics. The images enlarge if you click on the magnifying glass icon.

Sunday’s Best Deals: David Archy Thermals, Target Gift Cards, a Snow Thrower, and More

David Archy’s 30% off sale, 10% Off Target Gift Cards, and PC Deals Under $50 lead of Sunday’s best deals from around the web.

Get 30% Off Our Readers’ Favorite David Archy Thermals

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‘Shop Contest: Black Friday, Winners!

After a weekend away, I’m back and ready to judge the entries from last week’s guest contest. Last week, Peter asked you all to make some silly images featuring all those TVs that go on sale on Black Friday.

Mario Maker Contest: New Stuff

Super Mario Maker 2 was updated a few days ago and there are now a bunch of new items that you can place in various levels across all the themes. You can even turn Mario into Link from the Zelda

What in the holy hell is up with this trailer for an I Am Jesus Christ video game?

There have been Christian video games for nearly as long as there have been video games, with devout parents desperately trying to keep the devil at bay by feeding their kids a steady diet of Bible Adventures, Dance Praise, and

Ryan Reynolds Is Basically A GTA Online NPC In The First Trailer For Free Guy

In games like GTA Online and Red Dead Online, you can find numerous unnamed NPCs who are just living their life as players kill them, steal from them and blow up their cars and homes. Free Guy, a new film

Someone Spent 24 Hours In VR The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

YouTuber SwankyBox is a huge fan of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, the classic N64 RPG. As a kid he would play it for hours and hours and hours, exploring every inch of the world and also just

Araquanid Drowns Small Pokemon In Its Water Bubble Helmet

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Araquanid!

Actions of Mutual Friends

Kingdom Hearts III DLC ReMIND Is Coming To PS4 Next Month And Xbox One In February

According to a delisted trailer on Square Enix’s YouTube page, the new Kingdom Hearts III DLC, ReMIND, is coming to PS4 on January 23, 2020, and then a little later it will be released on Xbox One, on February 25,

A New Scene From Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Is Premiering Next Week At Fortnite’s Drive-In Theater

Do you like Star Wars? Do you like Fortnite? Do you like famous directors appearing in video games? Well, next week is going to be great for you as a new exclusive scene from Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

In the Biggest Trailer Yet, Crisis on Infinite Earths Is Looking Grim

“The multiverse needs you!” Yeah, because things are not going well.

The Weirdest Movie Trend Of The Decade

Hello! This week we find a secret area in Majora’s Mask, draw Dr.Phil, listen to Snoop Dog commentate over hockey, remember the classic PS1 and watch animated characters in live-action films ride around in cars.

Automate Your Outlets With a Pair of TP-Link Smart Plugs, For a Low $20

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Saturday’s Best Deals: Anker PowerPort Strip, Aged & Ore Drinkware, Razer DeathAdder, and More

A huge toy Gold Box, The Claw multi-tool, magazine subscriptions, and a $50 Instant Pot lead of Saturday’s best deals from around the web.

There’s A Toy For Every Kid In Today’s Gold Box, Plus A Bunch of Funko For You

Toy Gold Box | Amazon

In AI Dungeon 2, You Can Do Anything–Even Start A Rock Band Made Of Skeletons

Plenty of games offer players multiple solutions to problems. Fight or talk. Stick to the beaten path or explore. Stealth or charge in like a conspicuously bullet-resistant idiot. A game that lets you do anything, though? That’s harder to come

Modern Warfare’s Battle Pass Is Surprisingly Good

Modern Warfare’s new Battle Pass gives Call of Duty the reward system it needed, while the new cosmetic store leaves room for improvement.

The State Of Console Gaming In 2019

2019 is coming to a close, and there’s a wave of new consoles on the horizon. Along with the looming future of game streaming, 2020 is looking good for gaming. We’ve already outlined the state of the Xbox One, PlayStation

Vaping Congressman Who Spent Campaign Funds On Steam Games Resigns

U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) said he will soon resign from Congress after pleading guilty to charges of misusing over $250,000 in campaign funds, including $1,528 that he spent on Steam games.

Minecraft Is The Top YouTube Game Of 2019, Thanks To A Boost From PewDiePie

It’s not like Minecraft ever really went anywhere. But it definitely spent the past handful of years less firmly entrenched in the zeitgeist than in the first half of the decade. Not so in 2019. The blocky game about digging