‘Shop Contest: Danny Trejo, Winners!

Last week I asked you folks to create some images to honor and celebrate the man, myth, and legend himself, Danny Trejo. He recently saved a small child from a car crash, on top of other cool stuff.Read more...

No Man’s Sky Players Are Really Excited About Sitting In Chairs

The universe of No Man’s Sky is huge. Like genuinely huge. Billions upon billions upon billions of planets, galaxies, and solar systems. And the latest update to the game added a ton of new features to this already massive galactic

Mario Maker Contest: International Cat Day, Winners!

Last week I asked you wonderful people to create some cat-themed Mario levels in celebration of International Cat Day. It was time to honor our cats by turning a plumber into a cat and throwing him at some enemies and

Mortal Kombat Has Cast More of Its Lead Roles

Cue the techno theme music.

Until 2012 You Could Watch Netflix On A PS2 In Brazil

Netflix on consoles was a much different experience a decade ago. Today users just download an app, login and start watching some TV or movies. But back in 2009, depending on your console, you might have to order a disc

I Described 47 Video Game Box Covers From Memory

My friend Alex Jaffe sent me a list of 47 video game titles. Without looking at the list, I stepped in front of a camera. Our producer CJ read the list one name at a time. I tried to describe

Darumaka’s Shit Is So Hot That People Stick It In Their Clothes To Keep Warm

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Darumaka!Read more...

Saturday’s Best Deals: Wayfair Home Renovation Sale, Casper Pillows, Echo Dot Wall Mount, and More

An Echo Dot Wall mount, $100 Off a Casper Mattress, Plus 2 Free Original Pillows, and Wayfair’s Home Renovation Sale lead of Saturday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...

Fire The Fish Cannon!

Hello! This week we disappoint Peggy Hill, build a home underground, get a new skateboarding game, watch Mario attack a firefighter, learn more about Astral Chain and fire the fish cannon. Read more...

Track: Mars for the Rich | Artist: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard | Album: Infest the Rat’s Ne

Track: Mars for the Rich | Artist: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard | Album: Infest the Rat’s NestRead more...

New Overwatch Custom Mode Turns Sigma Into A Dodgeball Player

If you think about it, Overwatch’s new hero, Sigma, is kinda like a schoolkid—by which I mean he’s slow, and he likes to throw rocks. This, obviously, makes him an ideal competitor for a large-scale game of dodgeball.Read more...

It’s The End Of A Generation At This Year’s Pokémon World Championships

At the 2019 Pokémon World Championships this weekend, trainers can choose any of the existing 807 known Pokémon to fight by their side. This is the last time they’ll be able to do so, at least in the near future.Read

Cloud Saves On PS4 Have A Weird Limit

Cloud saves are great. They keep your save data safe, providing backups for everything you’ve ever accomplished in a PS4 game. They also makes it easy to stop playing on one PS4 and pick up right where you left off

The 10 Best Deals of August 16, 2019

We see a lot of deals around the web over on gamequit.com, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...

There’s A Latinx Void At The Heart Of Video Games

I have been in mourning. Loss has followed me for weeks now, and I have not been able to give it a name.Read more...

Let’s Mosey on in to the exciting first part of what will hopefully be a long, slow, pains-taking se

Let’s Mosey on in to the exciting first part of what will hopefully be a long, slow, pains-taking series in which Tim Teaches Jason Japanese. It’s Chrono Trigger! Heck yeah! Learn Japanese with us, in the chat.Read more...

Halo Infinite Creative Director Leaves Company

Tim Longo, creative director for the upcoming Halo Infinite, left developer 343 Industries this week, Kotaku has learned. It’s part of a leadership shakeup that arrives late in the development of the next Halo game, which is scheduled for release

We Need More Funny Video Games

Comedy is one of the toughest things to get right. A lot of what makes humor connect is delivery and timing, whether it be an energetic setup to a deadpan punchline or an awkward silence left to linger in a

Mortal Kombat 11 Is Letting A DJ Voice Sub-Zero And, Bless Him, He’s Trying

Renowned Belgian DJ Dimitri Vegas did the music for Mortal Kombat 11’s launch trailer. Next week, developer NetherRealm Studios is releasing a Sub-Zero skin featuring Vegas’ likeness, which is great. It also features Vegas’ voice, and that’s not so gre...

The Chill YouTube Comments On Game Soundtracks Are A Pleasant Surprise

This hour-long video on YouTube, whose title roughly translates to “One hour corridor ‘Chrono Trigger,’” plays the same three-minute “Corridors of Time” track from the game over and over again. It has over 1 million views, and it also has

Fire Emblem’s Depiction Of Abuse Feels Real

Editor’s note: This piece contains minor spoilers for Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters Marianne, Bernadetta, and Claude, as well as descriptions of emotional abuse.Read more...

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is for going to the farmer’s market to buy a million zucchinis, because that is the time of year it is. It’s also for playing video games.Read more...

Director’s Cut – Part III

Buy Committee: Can I Still Buy a Good, Dedicated Media Player?

While streaming music services like Apple Music and Spotify have eclipsed the use of iPods, some users would still like to have a dedicated, offline media player in their pockets. And, Buy Committee, reader John Wao wants a few recommendations.Read

5 new releases we love: Shura gets intimate, Ross From Friends has an epiphany, and more

There’s a lot of music out there. To help you cut through all the noise, every week The A.V. Club is rounding up A-Sides, five recent releases we think are worth your time. You can listen to these and more

The New Grandia HD Collection Is Pretty But Really Needs A Fast-Forward Button

Grandia and its sequel, Grandia II, are both very good classic role-playing games, full of charm and adventure and spirit. They came out in 1997 and 2000, respectively. Even an HD remake isn’t enough to make up for that.Read more...