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How to Wear Neon Without Looking Like a Traffic Cone

As a New York transplant whose closet brims with clothes in a sensible navy (black washes me out), I understand that deviating from neutrals can be a struggle. So when I break out of the norm, I like to go

Borderlands 3 Feels Like A Throwback To 2012 In All The Best (And Worst) Ways

It has been five years since the last two Borderlands games—the one-two punch of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and the Telltale Games spinoff, Tales From the Borderlands. Five years is a healthy amount of time for something to be gone, but

Newly Announced Need For Speed Has Some Serious Vice City Vibes

Need For Speed Heat was just announced as the newest entry in the long-running series. A stylish trailer showed off elements we’ve come to expect from these games, like police chases and car customization. It also showed off a

The Genesis Mini Makes Up For Years Of Crappy Sega Clones

Sega did mini consoles before mini consoles were cool. For well over a decade you’ve been able to buy plug-and-play Sega machines filled with Genesis classics. Of course, they all pretty much sucked, full of emulation problems and mediocre games.

THQ Nordic Reveals Details About Dead Island 2, Timesplitters, And More

THQ Nordic shared an investment report this morning outlining their sales and earnings for the first quarter of the year. The report also offered insight on the future of many franchises like the long-delayed Dead Island 2 and Timesplitters.Read more...

Save Big on This HP Omen GTX 1080-Powered Desktop Computer

HP OMEN Desktop, AMD Ryzen R7-1800X 8-Core 3.6GHz, NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB, 16GB DDR4, 2TB HDD + 512GB SSD | $1,300 | Woot Read more...

This $35 Gaming Mouse Is Packed With Features, And Is Great For Lefties Too

SteelSeries Sensei 310 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse | $35 | AmazonRead more...

The Terror showrunner on internment season: “There will always be another group”

The Terror: Infamy is the latest installment of AMC’s horror-drama anthology series, led by this time around by Alexander Woo and Max Borenstein, with Ridley Scott still executive producing. Although season one was a master class in chilling thrills, t...

Anime’s Bloody Nose Trope Isn’t Backed By Science

In anime and manga, when characters get excited—often sexually excited—blood dribbles, or squirts, out of their noses. But is this backed by medical science? Nope! Read more...

Pokémon Manholes Installed Across Japan

Japanese cities and towns across the country have their own manhole designs. Each one is unique and reflects the local culture, history or beauty. Fittingly, the country now has Pokémon manholes.Read more...

Rush Hour

Ricardo Tomé is an artist currently working on Decay of Logos, a small indie game taking a lot of cues from both Zelda and Princess Mononoke.Read more...

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: 37 Years Later, Atari’s Haunted Ho

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: 37 Years Later, Atari’s Haunted House Still Frightens And Delights • I Totally Called It...Just Six Years Too Early • Spacemon: A Pokémon TRPG - Red Winter: Part 2 • The Switch

Discord Explains How It Handles Harassment, Doxxing, And Threatening Behavior

Discord, the only way young people communicate via voice after we collectively agreed to stop answering phone calls several years ago, is trying to be more open about how it handles harassment, threats, doxxing, and other forms of abuse on

Some Of Our Favorite Board Games Have Employee Cameos On The Cards

Fantasy Flight, the publishers of some of the biggest and best board games around (from Star Wars to Arkham to Game of Thrones), have a little tradition going among staff: once you’ve worked there for five years, you get to

It Only Took Five Hours To Beat Super Mario Odyssey Blindfolded

The best speedrunners in the world can beat the Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey in under an hour. On Monday, it took speedrunner Katun24 just over five. It would have been a pretty bad performance if not for the

Overwatch League’s Role Lock Changes Still Can’t Please Fans

Overwatch League fans asked for change, and they got it. The season’s fourth stage kicked off three weeks ago with the introduction of a 2-2-2 role lock that requires teams to be made up of two tanks, two DPS heroes,

The 10 Best Deals of August 13, 2019

We see a lot of deals around the web over on, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...

Apex Legends’ Solo Mode Should Be Permanent

Apex Legends’ limited time solo mode kicked off today, allowing players to ditch their squad for a lonesome contest for survival. While Apex Legends is built around teamplay—picking the right hero combinations and communicating with the other two membe...

Video Game Consoles Won’t Get Pricier In America, At Least For Now

A 10 percent tax on video game consoles and other consumer electronics has been delayed until December 15, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced today. According to President Trump, the purpose of the delay is to

Wear Allbirds All the Time With Their New Line of Trino Socks

I know they’re comfortable, but you can’t always be wearing Allbirds...or can you? The maker of your favorite super soft sneakers has just moved into the sock game, so you can have Allbirds on your feet no matter what shoe

New Glitch Leads To Fastest Mario Kart 7 Track Time

Did you know Daisy has a cruise ship? And also that it’s full of holes? Nearly eight years after the game’s release, Mario Kart 7 players have found a new way to glitch through the vessel’s hull and complete the

Bungie has a Destiny testing team called Velveeta that tries to find the cheesiest exploits in the g

Bungie has a Destiny testing team called Velveeta that tries to find the cheesiest exploits in the game. That’s one of the revelations in Destiny frontman Luke Smith’s latest blog post, part one of a three-part epic looking at the

Immaculate Set Of Pokémon Cards Sells For $107,010

A complete set of first-edition Pokémon cards just sold for $107,010 on Goldin Auctions. But don’t worry—it’s extremely unlikely the card binder your mom threw out would have sold for anywhere near that. Read more...

Loot Crate Files for Bankruptcy and Lays Off Workers But Promises to Ship Remaining Boxes

Loot Crate was once the go-to company for monthly shipments of geek and gamer gear, but now its stock has run dry. The company is filing for bankruptcy and has laid off dozens of employees, on top of the 150

Hundreds Of Players Trying To Cheat At Apex Legends And Counter-Strike Get Their Private Data Stolen

Since February, a number of ne’er-do-well Apex Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players hoping to download cheats have in fact been infecting their computers with credential-stealing malware, security firm Sophos discovered.Read more...

I Helped Some Gaggling Final Fantasy XIV Newbies Best One Of the Trickiest Bosses

There are moments in online games when leadership and authority are thrust upon us. In group-based content, like the various boss fights in Final Fantasy XIV, knowledge is power. If you’re in a group full of helpless newbies and you