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This Logitech Gaming Headset Is Down to Just $50

Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset | $50 | Amazon Read more...

Choosing Which Switch Games To Delete For Space Causes Me Deep Dread

Every time I obtain a new Switch game from Nintendo’s eShop, I worry. Will this be the one that forces me to archive or delete something else from my SD memory card in order to make room, and if so,

A week after Borderlands publisher Take-Two sent investigators to the house of well-known Borderland

A week after Borderlands publisher Take-Two sent investigators to the house of well-known Borderlands YouTuber Matt “SupMatto” Sommers because he published leaks from Borderlands 3, Sommers’ channel has been removed from YouTube.Read more...

Friday’s Best Deals: PlayStation Plus, Razer Laptop, Catan, Nintendo Labo, Shop-Vac, and More

A patio umbrella, NCAA hoodies, REI Summer clearance, and noise-canceling headphones lead of Friday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...

No Man’s Sky Players Are Spotting Pink Grass, And They’re Thrilled

No Man’s Sky’s massive updates have changed a lot of the game since launch, including planet generation. Somewhere along the way, some bright colors of grass were lost—especially pink grass. Players seem to have noticed their absence sometime after NEX...

How Do You Extend Your Display Across Two Monitors?

In this week’s Tech 911 column, Lifehacker’s advice column for all things geeky, we’re tackling a question from a reader who has a problem with his dream setup: a multi-monitor arrangement that lets him double his productivity (or goofing off).Read

REI’s Massive Summer Clearance Sale Includes Plenty of Deals For the Fall and Winter Too

Summer is drawing to a close, and that means it’s time once again for REI’s annual summer clearance, offering huge markdowns on thousands of past-season styles from the biggest brands.Read more...

Diorama Theme Park Coming To Tokyo With Sailor Moon And Evangelion Miniatures

Like dioramas? In 2020, Small Worlds Tokyo will open. It is purported to be the world’s largest indoor diorama theme park.Read more...

Square Enix Hit With More Death Threats, Cancels Game Tournaments

Starting this weekend, there was supposed to be events for mecha arcade game Starwing Paradox at four cities across Japan. Those events have been canceled due to death threats.Read more...

Knock Knock, It’s The God Of War

Jin Kim is a concept artist who has worked on games like the most recent God of War.Read more...

26 Years Later, Here’s A Deleted Scene From The Super Mario Bros. Movie

As terrible as it was, the 1993 Mario Bros. movie has a cult following online, led by the dedicated team at, who have spent years cataloguing and uploading everything you’d ever want to know—and a lot of stuff you

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: X-Men: A Trip Down Memory Lane (Is

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: X-Men: A Trip Down Memory Lane (Issues #1 to #15) • Spacemon: A Pokemon TRPG - Red Winter, Part 4 • Gato Roboto Is Another Fantastic Short Game • Thoughts On Ghost

Fire Emblem Hacker Figures Out How To Have Tea Parties With Death Knight, Byleth, And Others

When I fail to carry on a coherent conversation during a regular after-school hangout, I only have to worry about disappointing one of my precious anime children, all of who mean the whole entire world to me. On the other

Man Caught Playing Pokemon Go On Eight Phones In His Car

You know how there’s a warning on Pokemon Go not to play the game while driving? This guy never got the memo, and when he is eventually sent it, needs it sent another seven times, just to be sure.Read more...

Epic Says The Mech Was Added So More Players Can Win A Fortnite Match

Fortnite’s giant mechanical Brutes have been contentious among players since they arrived at the start of Season 10. Players have been calling for them to be removed from the game, or at least from competitive play. Today, developer Epic responded

Dota 2 Fans’ Reactions To Hong Kong Protests Take Over Twitch Chat Of $33 Million Tournament

We’re just days away from the biggest Dota 2 event of the year, the annual International tournament with its $33 million prize pool. Normally, this would be a time of celebration, but throughout the group stages leading into the August

Cheers To 500 Episodes Of Highlight Reel

Today on the 500th episode of Highlight Reel we have Just Cause Reindeer, special cameos from the editor, killer shots, and much more!Read more...

Double Fine’s Newest Game Isn’t Entirely Rad

Rad takes place in a futuristic neon wasteland with an ‘80s vibe, where survivors power their homesteads with the technology of past entities called Menders. It’s a roguelike, made by Double Fine and Bandai Namco, in which you choose a

Apex Legends Players Are Teaming Up To Ruin Solo Mode

Apex Legends’ limited-time solo mode provides an enjoyable change of pace from the frantic, team focused default. It’s a chance to be more tactical. Unfortunately, solo mode is being completely ruined by sneaky players coordinating to make unofficial t...

A Gorgeous Gallery of Persona and Catherine Art Has Come to Take Your Heart

Since 2006, Shigenori Soejima has helped shape the aesthetic of the beloved cult JRPG series Persona, giving gamers some of the most stylish and bold worlds of urban fantasy, slick teens, and demon summoning the genre has to offer. In

Dicey Dungeons Is A Good Entry Point For Deck Builders

Life is an endless barrage of decisions. Some are big. Should you look for a better apartment? Most are small. Some pulp or no pulp? Sometimes it’s fun to decide. Often it’s exhausting. The burgeoning scene of roguelike deckbuilding video

Apex Legends Developers Listen To Kotaku Article, Add ‘You’re Welcome’ Button

Apex Legends now has a “you’re welcome” button. You’re welcome.Read more...

The 10 Best Deals of August 15, 2019

We see a lot of deals around the web over on, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...

It’s Like Old-School LucasArts Made A Game About Cthulhu With A Talking Cat

The Necronomicon is a legendary book of unspeakable evil and immeasurable power, capable of summoning creatures of mind-melting horror into existence or bringing about the end of all things. In the new PC game Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure, the abominab...

No Man’s Sky’s New Multiplayer Hub Seems Fun, But It’s Broken

No Man’s Sky’s new multiplayer hub, the Space Anomaly, is beautiful. It opens up new opportunities for players who want to work together in space. It’s also pretty buggy.Read more...

Overwatch’s Latest Update Redeems The Game’s Competitive Mode

Earlier this week, publisher Blizzard instituted a new rule of law in the game’s competitive mode: Teams shall be comprised of two tanks, two supports and two damage-dealers, and each role shall be ranked separately. It’s a rule I long-hoped