‘Shop Contest: Snake? Snake! Snaaaaake! Winners!

I’ve been missing Snake recently, so I asked you all to ‘shop up some information about what the Metal Gear protagonist has been up to recently. You didn’t disappoint, and now I have a lot of Snakes to display.

I’ve got a lot of respect for Snake. After all, he’s a guy who can’t catch a break, and it seems like every week there’s another super soldier or ghost wizard who is out for his blood. It’s a family problem, of course, given that his dad went through some of the same problems, but several of you dragged him out of retirement specifically for my entertainment.

Our winner this week is ChefRobertIrvine, who puts Snake in the video for the a-ha classic “Take One Me.” The video is all about traveling to a wonderful new world where you can be enchanted by men with mullets so, well, I guess Snake probably belongs there. Congrats to ChefRobertIrvine!


We have lots of honorable mentions, though, because many of you had some excellent ideas about what Snake is up to these days. You should read through the comments of the original post to see all the entries.

Bob knows that the only person who can defeat a true villain is a hero with a motorcycle.

Done With Kinja has identified many, many different snakes.

SteveFish knows that Snake is the kind of scoundrel who might steal a box or two while time traveling.

Of course, Azustra is correct that Snake would have to become some sort of battle royale icon.

And LiveatColdRice points out that he’s almost certainly a great PUBG player. Snake is tactical, after all.

AsmodeusNOIR shows Snake having a little fun in the sun.

And gokartmozart knows that Snake is becoming a different kind of spy.

Villings knows how to get me right in the Witcher feelings. I have them. I have Witcher feelings.

I don’t know what netsquire expects to do in this situation. I’m pretty sure he’s not going to get in that ball.

Mrichston is powering us up for the most excellent floor gymnastics 80s movie that we’ve never seen.

sciteach knows that Snake must bring joy to the kids.

Somoza brings us Old Old Snake, who absolutely destroys the rest of the retirement home in dominoes every afternoon.

Barry Wombleton has identified a slightly better, yet no less disastrous, team for Deadpool to work with.

Mortal Dictata knows where snakes belong.

DontCareABit will tell you where you can shove those TPS reports.

Slinker knows the best way to escape a franchise.

Last but not least, we’ve got TermoonatorT26, who took a novel approach to showing how Snake makes his way through the world.

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