Anthem Update

Hey everyone!

One year ago, we were preparing to launch Anthem – a game that represented a big leap into new territory for us as a studio.  It was an exhilarating and terrifying experience to go out to the world with something new and different, and we are grateful to all the players who have come along with us on the journey.  It has been a thrill for us to see the creativity of our players in designing customized Javelins, and watching them master Anthem’s flying and fighting gameplay.  I am so proud of the work the team has put into this game, and at the same time there’s so much more that we – and you – would have wanted from it. 

Over the last year, the team has worked hard to improve stability, performance and general quality of life while delivering three seasons of new content and features.  We have also heard your feedback that Anthem needs a more satisfying loot experience, better long-term progression and a more fulfilling end game.  So we recognize that there’s still more fundamental work to be done to bring out the full potential of the experience, and it will require a more substantial reinvention than an update or expansion.  Over the coming months we will be focusing on a longer-term redesign of the experience, specifically working to reinvent the core gameplay loop with clear goals, motivating challenges and progression with meaningful rewards – while preserving the fun of flying and fighting in a vast science-fantasy setting.  And to do that properly we’ll be doing something we’d like to have done more of the first time around – giving a focused team the time to test and iterate, focusing on gameplay first.

In the meantime, we will continue to run the current version of Anthem, but move away from full seasons as the team works towards the future of Anthem. We’ll keep the game going with events, store refreshes, and revisiting past seasonal and cataclysm content – starting with our anniversary towards the end of the month. 

Creating new worlds is central to our studio mission, but it’s not easy.  Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we miss.  What keeps us going is the support from players like you.  Your feedback gives us guidance on how we can improve, and your passion inspires us with the courage to create.   I look forward to working together with your involvement and feedback towards the best possible future for Anthem. 



Framed to Perfection

Greetings, everyone!

Zhexos from the Community team here! Patch 5.2 is around the corner (arriving February 18!), so today I'd like to go over some updates coming to the group pose feature!

* Be sure to click each image to view the full size!

▼Control Guide has been added

While there are many seasoned "gposers" out there, there may be those who are confused by some of the settings and how features within group pose work.

We've added a control guide that will give you a basic overview on what controls to use to improve your screenshot game!


You'll be able to go from something like this...

To this! Yes, yes! (Wait, where did my character go...)

*The Control Guide will automatically open when you enter Group Pose and can be turned on/off through the menu options.

The Control Guide gives you basic controls on:
■ Tilt, Pan, Twisting camera movements
■ Changing the focus target of the camera
■ Disabling motions on a target

Be sure to check out the guide if you're new to the world of taking screen shots or if you're looking to level up your skills!

▼Addition of Frames Unaffected by Camera Settings As you may know, we've introduced various frames in the past; however, the size of these frames was affected by your camera's angle of view position. In 5.2 we're adding frames that are unaffected by these camera settings!

Confused? Let me give you some visual examples.

Frames Added up to Patch 5.1 All the previous frames changed the size of the frame based on your camera's angle of view.

Here we can see how the size of the frame is affected between different angle of view settings.

This is useful for some specific types of screenshots, but we've received feedback asking to be able to adjust the angle without affecting the size of the actual frame.

We've got you covered!

New Frames Added in Patch 5.2 We've added new frames that aren't affected by these camera's settings!
And worry not, you can continue to use the existing frames as well!


Here we can see how the size of the frame itself is now unaffected, but you're still able to change the angle of view.

▼Frames, Frames, Frames! That's not all, we're also introducing some brand new frames!


How about a Journal frame?


Want to turn yourself, your friends, or your favorite minion into an Elite Mark? Now you can do that too!

The frames got buffed in Patch 5.2 so be sure to check them out!

▼Feature to Save and Load Camera/Lighting Settings Those of us who have been taking a lot of screenshots with the Group Pose feature will be pleased to hear that you'll now be able to save and load your camera and lighting settings.

Got that perfect angle, zoom, and three point lighting but don't like redoing the settings every time? Or do you, like me, keep forgetting what settings you had it on? This is for you!


Once you've got the perfect shot set up, you can now save the camera and lighting settings through the Save Settings menu located on the bottom left of the Group Pose Settings window.


Now all you have to do is load the settings and you're ready to shoot!


Now you can set up your perfect shot before hand, jump into Group Pose, load up the settings and take a quick snap!

Here are some screenshots taken by our QA team.





We're excited to see what types of screenshots you all will come up with utilizing these new features! Keep on capturing those great screenshots and be sure to share it with the rest of the community!

Community Team

Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl LIV Over the San Francisco 49ers in EA Sports Madden NFL 20 Prediction

Dateline City:

Patrick Mahomes Gives Record-Breaking Performance to Clinch MVP and Raise the Vince Lombardi Championship Trophy

Check Out All the Action on the Official Prediction Video Here

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) unveiled the official Madden NFL 20 Super Bowl LIV prediction in a whole new way, with Peyton and Eli Manning pushing the button and releasing the prediction details live from EA SPORTS BOWL in Miami. The prediction calls for a Kansas City Chiefs victory and their first Super Bowl title since 1969.


Jino Talens
Sr. PR Manager

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Electronic Arts Reports Q3 FY20 Financial Results

Dateline City:

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today announced preliminary financial results for its third fiscal quarter ended December 31, 2019.

News and ongoing updates regarding EA and its games are available on EA’s blog at

“It was an excellent third quarter, with our new games and live services delighting more players around the world,” said CEO Andrew Wilson. “Our amazing creative teams at Electronic Arts continue to deliver some of the most high-quality, innovative and engaging experiences and content to a growing global audience.”


Chris Evenden
Vice President, Investor Relations

John Reseburg
Vice President, Corporate Communications

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Viva La Valentione

Greetings wanderers,

Love is in the air and Valentione's day is about to begin! This is my favorite seasonal event...maybe I just really love, love. There is something special about celebrating all those that are closest to you and we make sure there's no shortage of that in Eorzea!


Seasonal Event Schedule  
Voting Period: From Wednesday, 29 January at 8:00 to Sunday, 9 February at 14:59 (GMT)
Results: From Sunday, 9 February at 15:00 to Monday, 17 February at 14:59 (GMT)

We're shaking things up with this event. This time, all adventurers will see two phases of Valentione's, the voting phase and the result phase, which will vary depending on each of World. Your votes are important, so don't forget to go out and cast your vote! Somehow that rhetoric sounds familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it...hmm...

How to Participate
You may begin your love locked quest from Lisette by the Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre (X:10.2 Y:9.4)


Quest Reward
Check out these oh so endearing five-piece outfits, representing each of our darling protégés!


The contrast between each color and the black is really striking, don't you think?
This time, depending on who you voted for, the name of the item reward and the color will vary.

How could we forget, the most important PSA: no matter your choice, each outfit is dyeable! Be sure to check out the special Valentione website for more details!

Feel free to stay true to your protégé's color or dye it your favorite color! (Personally, I'm a Pastel Pink enthusiast). My favorite part of seasonal event outfits is mix-matching pieces with other gear to come up with unique glamours. We're definitely looking forward to seeing your glamourous screenshots on the forums and social media.

If you'd like to purchase the opposite gender outfit, you'll able to purchase them from the seasonal vendor so be sure to get them while you can!

Additional Activities and Rewards
Once you've completed the seasonal quest, you can put the strength of you and your loved one's bond to the test in the Valentione's Ceremony! Upon completion, you'll be rewarded with chocolates that can be traded for an array of delectable items!♪


Craftily maneuver yourself through this maze with your loved one and see how high you can score! I know the surroundings of fauna and flora are beautiful, but don't let it distract you for too long! If you and your partner start to wander astray too far, your rating will start to trickle down. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work.

You can complete the ceremony as many times to your heart's content to receive more chocolates in exchange for said delectable items. Check out this grand chocolate fountain, you can dye the chocolate to the flavor you desire! White chocolate, matcha, strawberry, the possibilities are endless!


As part of the delicious dessert set, it also features an assortment of fruits and sweets! Can't decide which one I'd like to start from, but chocolate dipped strawberries are certainly a classic. (drool)


I'm sure this chocolate fountain will bring a big smile to you and your friends, so enjoy decorating your house with it and satiate that sweet tooth of yours!♪


And with that, we hope you enjoy this year's festivities. I just wanted you all to know, I'm kupo nuts for you. Happy Valentione's Day!

- Ridrina
Community Team

EA to Release Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2020 Results on January 30, 2020

Dateline City:

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) will release its financial results for the third fiscal quarter, which ended December 31, 2019, after the close of market on Thursday, January 30, 2020. In conjunction with this release, EA will host a conference call to review its financial results for the third fiscal quarter, discuss its outlook for the future and may disclose other material developments affecting its business and/or financial performance. Listeners may access the conference call live via a dial-in number or audio webcast.


Chris Evenden
VP, Investor Relations

John Reseburg
VP, Corporate Communications

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Rats Off To Heavensturn

Greetings and salutations, adventurers! How are you enjoying this year's Starlight Celebration? I hope you and your chocobo are keeping cozy in its new Saintly Barding as the year winds down. Be sure to enjoy the Starlight festivities until the end of the year!

But as we all know, the end of the Starlight Celebration also means the start of a new year, and that also means.... Heavensturn begins!


Event Period
31 December 2019 at 15:00 through 14 January, 2020 at 14:59 (GMT)

How to Participate
To begin you can speak with the Nezumi Bugyo at Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.5 Y:13.9) to accept the quest.


Quest Details
Heavensturn marks the beginning of a new twelve moons to come. In Eorzea, we celebrate a sacred festival where one among the Twelve wins celestial favor. Coincidently, the far east also has a similar celebration where one beast is selected and honored by forging a helm in its likeness.

The Nezumi Bugyo and his mouse companions attempt to popularize the festive food, advent cakes. However, it seems that mice are disliked by the people of Eorzea...

Gather information from the people of Limsa Lominsa to succeed in spreading advent cakes.

Speaking of rats in Limsa Lominsa, a certain beast tribe comes to mind!


A new FATE related to the Nezumi Bugyo's advent cakes will be available!


Event Rewards

Head Armor: Crimson Nezumi Kabuto / Cobalt Nezumi Kabuto


This Heavensturn it's a rat-themed kabuto- quite fitting for this year! Look how you can even see its cute front teeth captured perfectly!

Furnishing: Heavensturn Bounty


If you fancy sprucing up your home for the new year, there's this adorable nezumi furnishing piece. Isn't the little rat at the top precious?

Magicked Prism (Advent Cakes)


Finally, for those who may want to celebrate the new year in a more traditional Japanese style, these magicked prisms go off with a bang by displaying the iconic kagami mochi decoration midair.

What an amazing firework to have when reflecting on your fondest memories with your friends this Heavensturn! (Psstt! I've heard it's wonderful when used in /gpose!)

Just as 2019 is nearing its end, so too has this blog. I sincerely hope that with not one but two seasonal events back-to-back, your time spent in Eorzea this holiday season will be forever memorable as we close out the teens and enter this new decade together ♥

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the event site! Please look forward to Heavensturn!

Community Team


Feasting For Fourteen

Hello everyone! I'm sure some of you are currently running around the lush landscapes of Onsal Hakair, charging to the next ovoo to try and claim it as your own. Keep those reflexes sharp because the next season of the feast will be starting in Patch 5.18!


As mentioned by Producer & Director Yoshida in the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE, we received lots of feedback requesting the next season of The Feast to be released soon, so we've decided to release it ahead of schedule!

However, as we were unable to prepare certain rewards in time, please keep in mind that the Wolf Collars, previously awarded to the Top 10 and as ranking tier rewards, will not be obtainable.

Rest assured, the other ranking rewards and titles are still available as usual!

I'd like to showcase the reward that will be given to the Top 100 ranking players at the end of the season. Take a look!


Vroom, vroom! Well it'll certainly be hard to miss you riding around in one of these! It certainly looks fearsome and compliments some of the previous armor awards well.

As always, there's also an exclusive trophy that will be awarded to the top ranking player of each data center. Give it your all and aim for the top of the rankings!


PvP actions saw significant change in Shadowbringers so we're very excited to see what strategies arise and how gameplay evolves. There are also additional adjustments coming to PvP actions and Onsal Hakair in Patch 5.18, so please have a look at the patch notes when they are available. After you've spent some time out in the fray, we'd love to hear your feedback on the PvP forums!

And with that, I'll see you next time, on the battlefield!

Community team

Celebrate Starlight, Come On

Hi, there! This is "Starlit" Sicycre from the Community team, ready for holiday cheer and festivities! December is here and that means we only have a few more weeks until the new year is upon us.

However, I'm sure many of you know what festivities occur around this time! That's right, the Starlight Celebration is fast approaching!


Event Period
December 18, at 12:00 a.m. through December 31, at 6:59 a.m. (PST)

How to Participate
The main event this year begins in Old Gridania (X:10.2 Y:9.4) where you can accept the quest from Amh Garanjy to start things off!


Quest Details
The vibrance of the décor bring the Starlight Celebration's festive feel to Gridania, and many families have gathered at Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre to celebrate.


The children seem ecstatic to receive presents and spend time with their families.

But amid all the laughter and cheer, there's a somber-looking boy roaming about...


What could have him looking so down at a time like this? Our story begins here! Be sure to partake in this quest to make this is the Starlight Celebration he will remember best!

Completing the Starlight Celebration quests will unlock a musical mini-game! ♪


How to Play

・ Notes, represented by the diamond-shaped icons seen below, will appear on the screen in tune with the music.
・ Each note has a different border, which gradually shrinks around the note.
・ Press the key to match the timing when the borders overlap the notes!


Different Notes
We just wanted to take a bit more time to explain a note's color and how it denotes when or how you should press the key.

Blue: Press the key when the border and icon overlap.
Yellow: Press the key when the border and icon overlap, then rapidly press the key until they overlap again.
Red: Press and hold the key when they overlap, and then let it go when they overlap again.

Difficulty Selection
This musical mini-game will playable at two difficulties, Normal and Hard.

You can select the difficulty by speaking to the corresponding NPC.

Saturnine Starlight Celebrant (Normal)

Splendiferous Starlight Celebrant (Hard)


Here are the rewards available from this year's Starlight Celebration!

Saintly Barding

A warm-looking chocobo barding has been added! I'd also like to add that the saddle is very fluffy and comfortable!

Furnishings: Starlight Goobbue Wreath / Choir Concert Advertisement / Starlight Roll Cake

Furnishings include a wreath, a poster, and a roll cake so that you may bring the festivities home! ♪ I'm ecstatic for the Goobbue-themed wreath but that roll cake looks very tasty! ♡ 

I hope you enjoy this year's Starlight Celebration and if you have any roll cake to spare, let me know! Just kidding! (Not really...)

Be sure to check out the Starlight Celebration special site!

- Sicycre
Community Team

The Eorzean Symphony Orchestral Album Vol.2 has Arrived

Hello everyone, this is Voltenyne!

The long-anticipated Eorzean Symphony: FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestral Album Vol.2 is now available! Have you ordered your copy yet?


The album features:
・ 8 tracks presented in full-orchestra arrangement, available in both 2.0ch and 5.0ch (Near ver. / Far ver.) audio. For reference, near: as heard from the conductor's position and far: as heard from the seats at the rear of the concert hall.
・ Video footage of all 19 songs from the September 23rd FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestra Concert 2019 -Eorzean Symphony- performance (Encore included!)

Included first-run bonuses

An in-game item code for:
Tsukuyomi's Pain (Orchestral Version) Orchestrion Roll
The Worm's Tail (Orchestral Version) Orchestrion Roll

This album contains arranged versions of in-game tracks from A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood that were performed at the FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestra Concert 2019 -Eorzean Symphony-!

We're also including the onscreen footage that was playing during the concert. Watch it alongside the amazing performances by conductor Hirofumi Kurita, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tokyo Nikikai Opera Foundation, and several special guests!

You can also find commentary by Yoshi-P and Soken on the disc!

According to Soken, the 5.0ch Far ver. is "like listening from the heavens." Give it a listen and perhaps you too will ascend!

There's also a booklet containing liner notes, lyrics, and more! There's quite a lot to read in there, so be sure to check it out.

Finally, we have bonus stickers for the first 800 customers! Get them now while they last!


We turned the Eorzean Symphony 2019 key art into these special moogle stickers, which have a certain "plumpness" to them! If you'd like these adhesive moogles to stick with you, be sure to order early!


While this isn't part of the album, here's some backstage footage from the orchestra concert. It's not every day we get to see what goes on behind the scenes, so it's worth a look!

Eorzean Symphony: FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestra Concert 2019 - Behind the Scenes

See you next time!

- Voltenyne
Community Team

FFXIV Fan Gathering at the Postal Museum in London

Greetings Warriors of Light (or Darkness)! Kiwikopo reporting in with some details on what went down at last week's Fan Gathering in London!


We visited the Mail Rail at the Postal Museum with about 200 adventurers, many of whom were there for the first time.



We also had a surprise guest, who was none other than our Producer and Director Yoshi-P himself!


Of course, we had to have him do the honours of drawing the raffle winners. We had a lot of prizes to give away on the night, including a signed Shadowbringers PlayStation 4!


Please do not step on him... literally...


To wrap it up, we had a Free Company Shoutout session where everyone took turns in going on stage and delivering speeches dedicated to their free companies or friends. We had some pretty memorable (and enthusiastic) ones and were super happy to see some familiar faces!



Our old friend, the la-HEE Serpent of Ronka, also returned as a special guest (in plushie form)!


Aside from the activities above, we had a mini-train available so our adventurers could journey through the tunnels of Amh Araeng - I mean the historical postal railway of London!


Once again, a huge thank you to everyone for coming to the Fan Gathering and to the Postal Museum for hosting us. I hope you all had as much fun as we did, and we can't wait to see you again at the next event!


EU Community Team

Remember Us

Greetings, weary wanderers!

Thanks to the minstreling wanderer's penchant for embellishment, adventurers can now relive their thrilling showdown against Hades in the Minstrel's Ballad: Hades's Elegy! Those who have faced Hades before may be intimately familiar with Invincible, the theme that plays during the second portion of the fight (especially if you've failed some DPS checks along the way...). Today, we're delighted to share the Invincible lyrics with you!

Coincidently, just as Invincible was the final theme for Hades, it was also played as the finale during the orchestra concert held during September in Japan.

Now here comes my favorite Easter egg! Listening to the in-game version of the song, players may notice that the lyrics are a bit difficult to understand. That is due to the fact that the song was composed as if the Ancients were chanting the theme in their native language! However, because the song was going to be performed during a live concert, actual lyrics were created for it!




Ogne speranza

These memories ache with the weight of fate

Ever we fight

Never we fly

Ever we fall

Forever we fall

Now breathe deep of the darkness beneath the flood

Where all of the proud angels drink to their deeds of blood

Their lies, twisted and torn, into dreams they're spun

Yet ever we still stand tall


Never we fall

We hope that knowing the lyrics will help convey and capture the very essence of emotions that flowed throughout this tragic tale of a man and a battle that ne'er shall be forgotten!

- Okieeomi
Community Team

What is next for Anthem

Hello Freelancers,

We’re nearing the end of the Cataclysm, so I wanted to talk about what’s coming for Anthem.

First, I’m proud of our team for creating a fun new experience for our players. It represents the largest post-launch update that we’ve delivered so far. We were humbly excited by the increase in player engagement we’ve seen with the Cataclysm. The team and I appreciate the response and support — it is what keeps us motivated to continue to improve Anthem.

Those of you in our player community that played on our Public Test Server gave us valuable feedback from your play that we used to influence our changes to the game. PTS is an invaluable tool we will leverage for future updates with Anthem. Some of the changes made to the Cataclysm based on your input were:

  • Combat balancing improvements
  • Adjustments for minor-to-major crystal economy
  • Additional types of reward crates, providing more player choice
  • UX tips in load screens to better explain Cataclysm mechanics
  • Final Score Banners to show how much score was gained from playing on higher difficulties

So what’s next for Anthem?

We hear your concerns on core issues in Anthem and are acting on it. Those systems require a more thorough review and re-working versus quick fixes. We’ve got a team working on that now, and early results are promising.

In order to address these long-range plans, we are moving away from the Acts structure for updates. Instead, we have additional seasonal updates planned for this year that we think players will enjoy. These events will deliver challenges and chases similar to what you’ve seen, and are built around some fun themes we’re bringing to the game.

As I’ve said previously, we want to be transparent with you that we know more work needs to be done to make Anthem better. We also want to ensure we’re backing up our words with a great game you can play.  So I don’t have any news today to share about the long-term changes we are bringing to Anthem. What I can say is that we will continue to engage with you, our community, through PTS when we can show you what is coming.  

Stronger together! 

Head of Live Service

September Update


It’s been a super busy summer at the studio, but I wanted to get a note out to share some of the things we’ve been up to.


Over the last few weeks we’ve been ramping up our Cataclysm events in Anthem – a season-long event with new arenas, enemies, challenges, and rewards.  We have a big team working on Anthem in both Austin and Edmonton, and while it’s been great to see the community response to Cataclysm, I know there’s a lot more work to do to bring out the full potential of the game.  We have plans for those more fundamental improvements, but they’ll take time.  While the team works towards the longer-term vision of the game, they will also continue to deliver updates to features and content.  I believe in Anthem and would love to see its world grow, evolve, and thrive for years to come.  Thanks for your patience and support as we do the work of constantly improving and expanding the experience.

Cataclysm, happening now in Anthem

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I was in our Austin studio recently, where I was able to check out the update our SWTOR team is working on. Star Wars: The Old Republic Onslaught is coming this fall, and delivers an adventure spanning several new areas including two new planets, a return to Corellia, plus a new and updated itemization system. I love seeing the team’s enthusiasm and passion for SWTOR, where nearly 8 years after the initial launch, they are demonstrating their long-term commitment to the game with an ambitious update. 

Corellia – Return to this classic Old Republic planet for the Onslaught finale

Other Stuff Going On

We have several other big projects in the works.  I wish I could tell you more about them, but they’re mostly super-secret right now.  I can say however that one of our projects has a large and growing team in Edmonton working through pre-production, and based on the progress I’m seeing, I can confirm that indeed the Dread Wolf rises

What are they planning?

Moving to New Digs

One of the things I’m most excited about is that after almost 15 years in our previous Edmonton location we have moved to a brand-new state-of-the-art facility in the thriving ICE District downtown.  We’ve been very fortunate to have EA’s support in building out three large floors of amazing new office space, custom-designed from the ground up for the future of game development.  This represents a tremendous investment in the future of our studio, and I can’t wait to see what we create here.

Join Us!

With these big projects ahead of us, we’re going to need some help, so we’re looking for amazing people to join our teams in both Edmonton and Austin.  Have a look at our jobs page and see if there’s something there for you!

Ultimately what makes me happiest is working with talented teams on games I know players will love, and having the time and resources to make them amazing.  When I look at all of the things going on around BioWare I’m more excited about our future than ever. 

Thanks for checking out the update and thank you for your continued support!  


Anthem Game Development

We’d like to take a moment to address an article published this morning about BioWare, and Anthem’s development. First and foremost, we wholeheartedly stand behind every current and former member of our team that worked on the game, including leadership. It takes a massive amount of effort, energy and dedication to make any game, and making Anthem would not have been possible without every single one of their efforts. We chose not to comment or participate in this story because we felt there was an unfair focus on specific team members and leaders, who did their absolute best to bring this totally new idea to fans. We didn’t want to be part of something that was attempting to bring them down as individuals. We respect them all, and we built this game as a team.

We put a great emphasis on our workplace culture in our studios. The health and well-being of our team members is something we take very seriously. We have built a new leadership team over the last couple of years, starting with Casey Hudson as our GM in 2017, which has helped us make big steps to improve studio culture and our creative focus. We hear the criticisms that were raised by the people in the piece today, and we’re looking at that alongside feedback that we receive in our internal team surveys. We put a lot of focus on better planning to avoid “crunch time,” and it was not a major topic of feedback in our internal postmortems. Making games, especially new IP, will always be one of the hardest entertainment challenges. We do everything we can to try and make it healthy and stress-free, but we also know there is always room to improve.

As a studio and a team, we accept all criticisms that will come our way for the games we make, especially from our players. The creative process is often difficult. The struggles and challenges of making video games are very real. But the reward of putting something we created into the hands of our players is amazing. People in this industry put so much passion and energy into making something fun. We don’t see the value in tearing down one another, or one another’s work. We don’t believe articles that do that are making our industry and craft better.

Our full focus is on our players and continuing to make Anthem everything it can be for our community. Thank you to our fans for your support – we do what we do for you.

Anthem – Post Launch Update

Whew.  How’s everyone doing out there?  It’s been a wild ride these last few weeks.  On the one hand it’s been a rougher launch than expected.  But then as I think back we also knew that big new online games tend to hit some kind of problem once they go live, so as much as we tested and prepared to make sure everything was ready, we were also ready for the possibility that unexpected issues might arise at launch.  And we continue to be committed to responding to them.

We launched a game that so many of you tell us is really fun at its core, but we also had a degree of issues that did not reveal themselves until we were operating at the scale of millions of players.  We were of course very disappointed about that, as were many of you.  I’ve been in there playing with you since those early days (I’m a Ranger in Edmonton Oilers colors!) and it makes me sad to hear about any issues that would hold someone back from fully enjoying the game.  I take that very personally, and it’s been our top priority to get improvements out to you in the fastest, safest way.

Combat Balance Meeting in Austin

In these first few weeks, our Live team has worked hard on that, delivering over 200 improvements through patches and live updates, across stability, loot and progression, customization, and more.

We also continue to listen to your feedback, with more improvements to endgame loot and progression, game flow, and stability and performance coming soon – so there’s a lot more work that we intend to do.  This is all a learning experience for us, and as we work to make sure the game is improved and perfected, we can’t emphasize enough how much we appreciate you staying with us.  Especially because the next stage is where things really get exciting.

The Story is Just Beginning

As we move through this most difficult period of launching a new game and IP, we are also working on the things that will really show what Anthem is capable of – a series of world events, new story content, and new features, that all build towards the Cataclysm later this spring.

But we understand there is skepticism out there.  We hear the criticisms and doubts.  But we’ll keep going anyway, working hard every day on Anthem – an ever-changing world, constantly improving and growing, and supported well into the future by our team of passionate developers.

With Anthem we’re trying something a little different than we’ve done before.  And likewise our upcoming games will be different from Anthem.  But with everything we do, we focus on staying true to our mission, creating worlds that inspire you to become the hero of your own story.  So what’s most important to us is you, the players who have supported us in this journey.  And we’re excited to prove that with Anthem, the best is yet to come.


Anthem – our Live Service begins

Hello again Anthem Community!

Today’s world-wide launch marks a big milestone for Anthem. Here at BioWare, we’re excited, and at the same time a little anxious.

Coming off our Early Access period, we understand that we have lots of work ahead of us to continue to improve the game. As a Live Service team, a core tenet for us is listening hard to the community. We use that insight to fix issues and make Quality of Life fixes to the game. Our most recent patch – the one you are playing now — reflects your feedback. You can see the list of changes here. Many came from listening to you. Beyond that, we have a growing list of improvements we’re evaluating for the future. You’ll start seeing the next of those this coming week.

While launch is our most significant step yet, it is also just the first of many in fulfilling our long-term vision for the game.

I look at today from two perspectives. As a gamer, I’m excited by what we’ve created with Anthem and the promise it carries for a long future behind the game’s lush world, immersive lore, rich characters, and core gameplay. As a developer, I know we’ve worked hard to strike a balance of engaging BioWare story combined with fun action-gameplay and multi-player progression; I also know how much more we want to bring to the game.

Anthem’s launch represents a commitment we’re making to you: we’re just getting started.

We shared a preview of our Live Service calendar 2 weeks ago. Today, I’m excited to share our first 90-day roadmap. It includes more insight on what we are planning for the game and the community. We’ll be talking in more detail about this roadmap in upcoming streams and social media.

We also commit to sharing updates with you frequently and consistently. I look forward to hearing more of your feedback on our plans and the game overall.

I’ll close by welcoming you to the game and thanking you for your support and feedback thus far. This is just the start of a rich Live Service we’ll be creating together. See you in game.

Stronger Together!


Onward to Launch!

Greetings to our Anthem Community!

I’m thrilled to share that our public demo weekend exceeded our expectations. Operationally, things were super smooth – our war rooms were tranquil this weekend, which is exactly how we like them.

Most importantly, your response was again overwhelmingly positive. We had more than 40M hours of play in the game across our two demo weekends. That’s incredible! We hope you all enjoyed the small taste of what’s to come with the full game. As developers, we remain humbled by your positive response to what we’ve built. Thank you so much for your support!

Of the many cool things we’ve seen from the community, the creativity around Javelin customizations has been mind-blowing. So many favorites, but here are several that caught our eyes:

(credit: @lrelique)

(credit @AnthemGameHQ)

(credit @berhgain38)

(credit @Verne_Lotts )

Our focus now shifts 100% to launch and beyond. Our development team is hard at work on finalizing our launch builds and beginning our countdown preparations. As I’ve mentioned previously, the launch version of the game has a long list of updates and improvements that were not in the demo builds.  And, of course, launch will be the first time our community has access to the full game with all content.

There’s so much more than you saw in the demo and we can’t wait for you to play it. We’re also very hard at work on exciting post-launch content. You saw a small glimpse of it in the game Sunday.  We’ll have much more to share on that soon.

Onward! Stronger Together!


Hello Anthem Community!

Hello Anthem Community!

Thanks for being here!

We’re hard at work to be ready for our public demo weekend, starting tomorrow, 2/1. This week has been focused on improving the player experience in the demo – that focus was based on our learnings and your feedback. For those of you that played last weekend, you should see significant improvement in multiple areas over last week.

While we are confident that these changes will improve this weekend’s experience for players, we’re also cognizant that we may see recurring and new issues. Our team will again be working around the clock to deal with any problems that arise so that all players can enjoy the game.  As always, you can use Answers HQ for help.

Our ongoing scale testing this week has gone well. We’re confident we are ready for the load we will see. Like last weekend, we will be prepared with more server capacity than we anticipate will be needed. However, predicting player numbers – particularly for a new game like Anthem in its first open public weekend – is very difficult.  If more players decide to try the game than we anticipate, we also have systems in place to control entry rates of incoming players. This is to ensure players in the game are having uninterrupted fun and to give us time to increase capacity.  If you encounter this situation, we hope you’ll be patient with us and try again later. We’ll have messaging on our servers on our server status page.

I mentioned earlier in the week that we’ve also been preparing for many weeks for our full launch. That version of the game already has a long list of things that are already fixed that did not make our demo weekends. It includes:

  • Further performance Improvements
  • Additional stability fixes
  • Fixes to inscriptions showing up incorrectly
  • Fixes to inscriptions from other Javelins being chosen
  • Fixes to disappearing customization settings
  • Fixes to XP gain behavior
  • Audio improvements
  • Improvements to PC controls, including flight and aiming
  • A Social Hub: The Launch Bay
  • And a few thousand more (literally)…

One additional comment based on what we’ve been asked on Twitter.  If you are a returning VIP demo player, you’ll keep your progression from VIP weekend. That includes your Javelins, pilot level, and all gear, weapons, and customizations.

I hope to see everyone in the game starting Friday. Lastly, please be kind to the grabbits!

Stronger Together!