All Miqo’te Go To Heaven-on-High


Patch 4.35 is five days away, launching on Tuesday, July 3, and I'm sure I'm not the only one anxious to dive into the second installment of the Deep Dungeon series, Heaven-on-High!

I'm here to give you a heads-up on the preparation you need to enter and to also give you a little sneak peek!

You must meet the following requirements to take on Heaven-on-High:

- Disciple of War or Magic level 61 and above
- Have completed the Stormblood main scenario quest Tide Goes In, Imperials Go Out (level 63 quest)
- Have cleared floor 50 of the Palace of the Dead
- When registering to enter, all party members on all Worlds must be in the Ruby Sea

You can enter Heaven-on-High by speaking to the new NPC that will be located in the Ruby Sea (X:21.4 Y:9.2). Similar to the Palace of the Dead, as long as all party members on all Worlds are inside the Ruby Sea, you'll be able to enter. So be sure to use the cross-world party feature as well!

For those who haven't completed the first 50 floors of Palace of the Dead, you still have time! So try and complete it this weekend to make sure you're ready!

Into Heaven-on-High

As we revealed in our previous Letter from the Producer LIVE, that gigantic tower in the Ruby Sea is Heaven-on-High.


Why exactly does the interior feature an Asian theme?


This will be revealed during through the story, so please look forward to it!

For those unaware, the story will reach its conclusion once you complete floor 30. And floor 31-100 is set as a type of challenge mode.

You can only enter floor 31 and above solo or in a fixed party of two to four players. The save data must also have a zero for party KO count as well, so be careful! * Please be advised that the Party KO count will also increase in the event that your party abandons the duty, or logs out while inside the instance.

Tons of vicious foes awaits adventurers from floor 31 an above.


Even a party of four will most likely struggle with some of them.




Also, the mood and the music will change as you climb higher up the tower, so be sure to check those out too!

Why does the tower even exist? Why are there monsters inside of it in the first place?


And the biggest question of all, is the Dodo mount obtained by appraising treasure!?


All your answers await within Heaven-on-High!
Let the race to floor 100 begin! Good luck!

- Zhexos
Community Team

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