GameCity Vienna 2018

Servus, Adventurers!

GameCity 2018 in Vienna is over but the excitement is everlasting. Last weekend we were delighted to attend this event for the very first time and introduce all attendees to the wonders of FINAL FANTASY XIV. From freshly registered rookies to experienced veterans - they all visited us at our booth and made the weekend unforgettable.


The event took place in the beautiful city hall of Vienna, which looks more like a fairy tale castle than the mayor's office, and welcomed visitors of all ages and interests free of charge.


Our team and the hardworking ambassadors assisted the attendees at the FINAL FANTASY XIV booth, giving each and every one of them a warm and heartfelt welcome.


And it didn't stop there! All adventurers who were brave enough to take part in our Challenge-Roulette were rewarded with great prizes. Everyone received a gigantic goodie bag, no matter if they were successful or had to admit temporary defeat.


Furthermore, veteran Warriors of Light had the opportunity to test their abilities in our Extreme-Roulette. Foes like Nidhogg and Sephirot conspired to make this challenge as difficult as possible, but they were not always successful and we compensated each lucky winner with a sign of true bravery and skill; In addition to the goodie bag, each victor received an exclusive FINAL FANTASY XIV sweatband.


To make things even better and to welcome new adventurers into the world of Hydaelyn, we offered the PC Starter Edition of FINAL FANTASY XIV for free! Attendees simply had to use an existing SQUARE ENIX account or create a new one to register the game on Mog Station.

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We hope that everyone enjoyed their time in Vienna as much as we did! The team and I appreciate all your good energy and loyalty. Meeting you all has been an amazing experience and I am looking forward to seeing more of you in the future.


For everyone who was not able to attend - thank you for your support and hopefully see you next time.

Take care,

- Xuquanidi (Xu)
Community Representative (German)

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