Pose! Pose! Fight The Poser!

Greetings, everyone!

Zhexos here bringing you some group pose goodness that's coming in the upcoming Patch 4.4, going live tomorrow! Let's go over what type of upgrades the /gpose feature is getting and let's do the impossible, touch the untouchable, break the breakable, pose! Pose! Fight the Poser!

[Click each image for a larger view!]

▼You now have the power to stop the time of day and weather!


While inside the group pose mode you can now stop the time of day and weather. This is an option, so you can turn it off if you would like to keep the time and weather going.

▼Minions have gained the power to use their actions even while inside the group pose mode.


The last action performed by minions can now be viewed in group pose.
*Some minion actions are not available.

▼You have gained the power to walk, run, sprint in place while inside the group pose mode.


You're now able to take screenshots of characters walking, running, sprinting in place to get those action screenshots!

This movement action can be even used while on a mount, so combine it with a flying mount to finally get those screenshots of your mount with their wings spread out.

The group pose feature keeps on receiving upgrades thanks to all your feedback! The screenshot alliance is here to support the Warriors of Light in capturing their perfect moments as beautiful screenshots!

▼You have gained access to bonus screenshots

Here are some beautiful screenshots the QA teams in Japan have taken while inspecting these new features!





There's tons to do tomorrow when Patch 4.4—Prelude in Violet goes live, but don't forget to take a /gpose break and try out all these new features!

- Zhexos
Community Team

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