Water You Waiting For?!


The summer heat has been inflicting a strong debuff on our team, but we're not too worried! The Moonfire Faire begins on August 13th, and we're ready to cool off!

We may suffer IRL, but at least our characters will be able to beat the heat in Costa Del Sol!

What's up with that water splash? You'll have to wait and see! Avoiding any spoilers, let's move on to the rewards!

First off, check out the new summer gear, newly designed for both male and female characters. And yep, you can dye it.

While the item icons feature the male outfit design, the design of the actual gear will change depending on the character's gender, so don't worry!

We're also getting a new emote: Splash!

Splash some water on your friends to ruin their picnic or sand castle! (Note: Please don't ruin your friends' picnics or sand castles). You won't be able to magically conjure up non-existent water to splash, so keep that in mind when using it on dry land.

And finally, let's check out the new furnishings: Mosquito Moogle and a Curry Plate!

Both of these furnishings were winning entries from last year's Furnishing Design Contest! I think we did a good job reproducing them in-game, what do you think?

Stay cool, and we hope you all enjoy this year's Moonfire Faire!

- Zhexos
Community Team

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