Year Four, And Many More!

Hello again, adventurers!

Yesterday, we shared the celebration of the 3 year anniversary of the Korean version of FFXIV. Today, we're going to celebrate even more-- the Chinese version of FFXIV will celebrate its fourth anniversary on August 25, 2018!

On August 4th, Yoshi-P travelled to Shanghai, China for a special anniversary broadcast, live from the SQUARE ENIX Cafe which opened there last December.



On stream, the FFXIV China operations team shared information on topics like the distribution of jobs and races for the Chinese version of the game, and shared the results of a "most popular minion" poll!


The winner of the poll was none other than the Mameshiba!


In the Chinese version, he's called Mame-mameshiba... which is almost even cuter, isn't it?


During the Q&A segment, Yoshida was joined by Lead Item Designer Hayashi, so there were lots of questions related to in-game items!

A reoccurring question from Chinese players was "When can we get an umbrella that our characters can hold?" - Hayashi had some trouble with this one!

They're trying very hard to get a usable umbrella implemented with each patch, but it's proving to be quite complex. Please hang in there!

Next up was some PvP!


As the Feast Regional Championship 2018 is currently underway for North America, Europe and Japan, the Chinese version also held their own competition!

Yoshi-P enjoyed watching the competing teams claw their way to victory.


Next up on the stream, they had an interview with the Chinese localization team. They went over the flow of translating from Japanese to Chinese, and how their localization policies work.

As a gift to the players, they revealed the lyrics to The Garlean Territorial Anthem or Gyr Abania and Surrounding States - The Measure of Our Reach.


The translator mentioned that he's looking forward to hearing more Chinese players sing along!

Then it was time to introduce the content of Patch 4.3, which is the next release for the Chinese version of FFXIV.



We think the Chinese players love the Namazu just as much as everyone else has so far!

We also announced the FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival 2019 in Shanghai!


After some exciting announcements, it was time for Yoshi-P to challenge some content with Chinese players. They took on Omega: Sigmascape V4.0 (Savage)!

It proved challenging, given that they were playing on the Chinese client (everything was in Chinese!) and the strategies were different between Japan and China... It also seemed like the party members were nervous to be playing on a live broadcast.


They kept trying, though! Kefka was merciless...


And finally, sweet victory!



I think Yoshi-P might have been crying in relief... Thanks to everyone who played with us!

And finally, we reached the conclusion of the stream.
Yoshida and the rest of the Chinese team members came together to celebrate the 4th anniversary in the best way possible: with cake!


As a surprise gift from the Chinese management team, Yoshi-P was presented with a beautiful hanging scroll in a traditional Chinese style of painting by a famous local painter!


After taking a commemorative photo, the broadcast was successfully complete! Thank you so much to our Chinese Warriors of Light who have made this fourth anniversary possible with their support of the game!

We look forward to our continued work with the Chinese management team so that you can play more and more FFXIV in the future.


Until next time!

- Luxpheras
Community Team

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