Forsaken Perfect World continuous rollbacks afflict players

Ok we found cause: during Tuesday at Council member refresh server crash and perform a rollback.

Be careful on open magic orb whatever you win make a screenshot, write down hours/minute irl/st and submit a ticket to FW support and reclaim your prize(s).

Standard rollback is a fast way of undoing problematic edits, but it has the disadvantage that only a generic edit summary is generated, with no explanation of the reason for the change. For this reason, it is considered inappropriate to use it in situations where an explanatory edit summary would normally be expected. Rollback may be used:

  1. To revert obvious vandalism and other edits where the reason for reverting is absolutely clear
  2. To revert edits in your own user pages
  3. To revert edits that you have made (for example, edits that you accidentally made)
  4. To revert edits by banned or blocked users in defiance of their block or ban (but be prepared to explain this use of rollback when asked to)
  5. To revert widespread edits (by a misguided editor or malfunctioning bot) unhelpful to the encyclopedia, provided that you supply an explanation in an appropriate location, such as at the relevant talk page