Forsaken World – Alliya daily quest

To get to Freedom Harbor Vengeance area, you will first need to finish the FHV (FH95) instance. That instance is a 30 person instance (although you should only bring 29 or the raid bugs out), and it’s tough. You must hit the last boss and be at the last boss when he dies. Once you are done with that, go to the Vengeance Promoter (one is near Henry) and talk to him to open up Freedom Harbor.

Once you complete that, you gain access to the new vengeance areas and new quests. The quests have riddles to solve, and I think something got lost in translation on some of them…
so, thanks to amarantos for posting this list in the FW forum (my additions are in green):

Desert Rumors (0/20): kill 20 mobs that fit your hint description
-bow wielding humans: kill bloodhunter crossbowman mobs outside overlook village in nightfall
-red flashing tetrapod: kill corrupted cheetahs near ghostfang castle in nightfall
-winged, tetrapod, skeleton: kill skeleton dragons in dark abyss
-green, long haired: kill silent treants in dark abyss
-prunosus and octopod: kill soulweb spiders in polar borderlands
-two-headed and only one life: kill cerberus in dark abyss
-former pacifist fairies: kill fallen elfs in windwhisper forest of nightfall
-pink horned creatures: kill polar naga illusionists in free isles
-walks on two feet, runs on four feet: kill lycans at mount wolvenbite in dusk town
-half-covered worms: sandworms in Polar Borderlands 

Find an item/person based on the provided hints
-Fountain Entusiast: npc Dan in nightfall (run boy run quest giver)
-Admiral of Pirates: npc Captain Jess at guard’s camp in free isles
-A clever creature hanging under a lamp: znob the goblin in charlie’s tavern
-Desert crescent: quack keeper in sea of oblivion at crescent pond
-The colossus within: dragon’s head part of the statue on the white beach in polar borderlands
-The most familiar face: henry!
-Darkred crysis: loot an item below the right shoulder of the giant dragon skeleton in cemeteries of dragon in dark abyss
-Hidden entrance: npc at ancient gate in eclipse hollow
-Lemoore’s Haven: South side of the top of the Abandoned Catacomb in the Sleeping Jungle.
-Fastest runners quest: Agnar in Sanctuary. 

Continental Landscape: use the given picture hint to go to a familiar location, autocompletes once you arrive in the spot. 

Here are some of the tough ones:

      Thanks to Sekhmettt for the landscape picture for this quest.

This one does not complete easily. You may have to move around a bit. Here is another angle of the spot that worked for me:

Share Memory
You will get a quest from Nalando that asks you for two items. One is someone’s memory, and the other is an item (item is different for each quest). The item will help you find the person that you need to collect the memory from. Once you collect the item, right click it to get clues to the location. Once at the location, right click to summon the person you need to talk to. That person will give you a quest. Use the clues in the quest to find the item that they want. Once you bring them their item, they will share their memory.
Reina has three different things he’s looking for: a saber, a talisman, and a helmet.

*Lemoore, it turns out, is one of two brothers housed in the Tomb of Brothers in the Sleeping Jungle. Kulkan is the other. But, for the Chinese server, where the quest actually works, the completion spot is on top of the Abandoned Catacomb across the river. A patch a while back fixed this one! You can complete it at the catacomb mentioned.

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