gameforge worst game publisher ever in europe?

From comments grabbed around web

they ruined every game they laid their hands on, all they think about is money, nothing else, I hope they will quit this useless company as soon as possible.


Worst game publisher I’ve ever seen.

Their support consists of a few people that have no idea what they’re doing, very unprofessional, slow and their responses are unsatisfactory at best. They just copy-paste standard answers (tested it with a friend, we both got the same response for 2 completely different issues).

I have never gotten any help from them, even the opposite happened once: they accused me of trying to scam them when I had problems with a cosmetic item – which I bought – how is that even remotely possible ?!

If that’s not enough, trying to get a refund is close to impossible and their prices are nowhere near the acceptable range.

I recommend staying away from Gameforge.

I would give minus stars, but that’s not possible.

Worst then bad

Any games you choose to play from them, you will find that it’s always P2W system. And on top of that, they even don’t listen to there players or even to just use they brains to see how NA system on Aion and Tera works great. But no, they are just too greedy. Shame. I use to love this company, but that was just in beginning.

Awful company with slowpokes as employees!

I’ve never had so many problems with a SINGLE company, the game i would focus on is Tera. I am absolutely aware of what proper customer support service should be and i freely state that this company is the slowest and most dissapointing one for an active player who puts alot of time into mmo. The support tickets take over two days, while patience is not a problem for me, the big loss is for tera club members who have monthly subscriptions and lose the play time they paid for, since i started playing european tera(6 Weeks total) I’ve had 4 problems! Yes, 4 problems! I’ve been playing in Enmasse (American Tera servers) for about 6 months total and have not had a single problem. Main problems i’ve had to deal with are stuck characters, account verification emails not being sent and payments being ignored for days. If i could i would give a 0/5 for this awful AWFUL company.

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