GGG Path of Exile lose 35k players in 5 days! (Only on steam) Why ?

Path of Exile Harvest worst league ever made.
Path of Exile Harvest worst league ever made.
  • Leveling is an ordeal.
  • Finding currency is an ordeal.
  • Kill mobs is an ordeal.
  • Finding decent gear is an ordeal.
  • Trade is an ordeal.
  • Finding maps is an ordeal.
  • Bosses fight trololol.
  • Infinite damage taken abuses.
  • Complete Atlas impossible.
  • 4k HP is a ridiculous value.
  • Guardians drop nothing.
  • End content drop nothing.
  • Chest / barrels drop nothing.
  • Strongbox drop nothing.
  • Old contents doesn’t show and MEMErized.
  • Everything we need is buried under fking CARDS with 0.00001% drop chance.
  • Fuck ur fking economy… we just needs DROP.
  • Every uniq has no flat HP/ES.
  • Nextgen ninja mobs ingore any def and oneshot when show
  • Mods on maps? yeah good to kill Godzilla or KingKong… but we have 4k HP dear GGG !!!
  • And where dafuq is the trade house ??!!?!?!?
  • And fuck u ur all recipes
    We miss something else?

And stop say shiet like “more risk more reward”, this is pure shiet for players.

GGG now reaps what he sowed


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