Anker’s Tiny New 18W USB-C Charger Can Charge Your Laptop and Switch For Just $16

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Kick Off 2020 With This Sale on Kindle eBooks, Today Only

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‘Shop Contest: National Bird Day, Winners!

Last week was National Bird Day. A lovely holiday that I assume all of you celebrated and enjoyed. In honor of this holiday, I asked you Photoshop artists to create some images featuring famous video game birds. You didn’t disappoint!Read

Made In Dreams, This Is What Cyberpunk 2077 Would Look Like If It Was Released On The PS1

Cyberpunk 2077 is shaping up to be a big game with some incredible visuals that will probably end up pushing current-gen hardware pretty hard. But what would Cyberpunk 2077 look like if it was released back in the 90s for

Batman Actor Burt Ward Claims ABC Gave Him Pills to Shrink His Superheroic Penis

Earlier this week, Burt Ward, famous player of Robin in the 1960s Batman TV show, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During the ceremonies, he revealed some information that has us just bursting at the seams with

A Lot Of Work Went Into Making This Useless Minecraft Level

Building something big, exciting and cool in Minecraft is hard work. You have to spend hours or days building large structures, working with others, planning ahead, etc. But it turns out it takes a lot of work to also make

Mario Maker Contest: Going Down!

A few months back I asked you all to create levels with Mario going up. Now it’s time to do the opposite. Let’s all get down and create some courses where you get lower and lower as you go.Read more...

Modder Creates Custom GameCube Controller For Switch

It took a lot of work, planning, and tinkering, but a modder has created a custom GameCube controller that can split apart and connect to a Switch tablet, allowing for handheld play. Read more...

Mandibuzz Wears The Bones Of Its Dead Victims

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Mandizbuzz!Read more...

The N64 Controller Is Very Useful At Parties

Hello! This week we piss on Conan O’Brien’s house, think about the end of the world, get ready for the Pokemon DLC, watch a weird Nicolas Cage GIF, learn more about video game credits and open a beer with an

Saturday’s Best Deals: Indochino Shirts, Sex Toys, Weighted Blankets and More

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Pick Up a New Sex Toy With Bellesa Boutique’s Huge Site-Wide Sale [Exclusive]

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Goodbye Joshua Rivera, Even If You Only Just Got Here

Joshua Rivera, Kotaku staff writer and noted Metroidvania hater, has decided to venture back out into the wilds of the internet from whence he came. We’d like to wish Joshua all the best on his way out the door that

Pa’lante, Kotaku

There are a lot of reasons to not write about video games. For most of my career, I’ve written for mainstream publications unconcerned with the games industry. I was offered a job at Kotaku because I had figured out a

Goodbye Gita Jackson, Weird Internet Translator And Dwarf Fortress Stan

Gita Jackson, Kotaku staff writer and likely Sims replicant, has filed her last epic essay for this site—a timely meditation on gaming apocalypses—and now prepares to take up a new position at what I understand to be a surprisingly lucrative

Goodbye From Josh and Gita

Today, Joshua Rivera and Gita Jackson are both leaving Kotaku. They sat down to talk about what they love about this place, as well as the state of games journalism and its diversity, worker solidarity and herbs.Read more...

Houston Overwatch League Team Decides To Move After New Neighbors Complain

Season three of the Overwatch League kicks off next month, and that means teams are finally gearing up to live and operate out of their home cities. The Houston Outlaws, unfortunately, have not received the warmest of welcomes from their

Why Gamers Probably Don’t Need a 360Hz Monitor

Nvidia and Asus announced at this year’s CES that they’ve created an esports-focused computer monitor capable of running at 360Hz in 1080p. You probably don’t need one, even if you’re getting better and better at CS:GO and feel like this

After a long hiatus, during which Jason Schreier acquired a child and I (Tim Rogers) went to Japan t

After a long hiatus, during which Jason Schreier acquired a child and I (Tim Rogers) went to Japan to translate 88,000 words’ worth of a full, ancient, shockingly bizarre Japanese role-playing game, we’re back playing Chrono Trigger on our Twitch chann...

Jedi: Fallen Order’s Glitches Hold It Back From Greatness

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order combines the DNA of various games into its own unique blend of action and exploration. When it comes to combat, that means pulling lessons from games like Dark Souls, like pattern heavy bosses and resting

First-Party Xbox Series X Games Won’t Be Exclusive For A While, Microsoft Says

First-party Xbox Series X games won’t be exclusive for at least the first year or two, if a new interview with the head of Xbox Game Studios is to be believed. Speaking to the website MCVUK, Xbox’s Matt Booty confirmed

BioShock Speedrunner Fakes Catastrophic Crash During AGDQ Run

BioShock is an especially harrowing game to watch people speedrun, largely because of all the small things that can go wrong. Unpredictable framerate and physics glitches can send otherwise flawless runs careening off the rails, and this instability ma...

The 25 Best Gaming Handhelds, Ranked

I recently got a Nintendo Switch Lite, and I love it. I wanted to write about the joys of that dying breed of device, the dedicated portable gaming machine. And I thought to myself, how can I write this in

Adding Squirrel Girl To Marvel’s Contest Of Champions Doesn’t Seem Fair

 Marvel’s Contest of Champions is a competitive mobile fighting game in which Marvel comics heroes and villains compete for dominance on a universal scale. With the extraordinary power to kick butts and eat nuts, Doreen Green is the Unbeatable Squirrel...

The Witcher Does Fantasy Sex (Mostly) Better

Fantasy movies, shows, video games, and books that are geared toward an adult audience tend to repeat the same mistakes when it comes to how they portray sexuality—exploiting female bodies while adhering to archaic notions of what sex was like

Friday’s Best Deals: Vitamin Gold Box, RavPower Battery, Cuphead, and More

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