Car Talk’s Long Goodbye

Let’s get something out of the way up front: Ray Magliozzi hates cars. And not in a my-car-is-a-pain-in-the-ass-and-it’s-always-breaking kind of way (though there is some of that too), but in a they’re-killing-the-planet kind of way. “How could you not...

Final Fantasy VIII’s Triple Triad Is Why I Love Card Games

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is finally here, which means I can continue my long and storied history of never actually finishing Final Fantasy VIII because I am too busy playing Triple Triad. It’s a whole thing: I get a copy

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne: The Kotaku Review

2018’s Monster Hunter: World was a successful update to the long-running beast-slaying series. Fully functioning ecosystems and updated combat crafted an experience where each battle was a unique challenge even after hundreds of hours. World’s latest e...

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Wednesday’s Best Deals: Netgear Gold Box, Blue Light Glasses, Patio Furniture, and More

A Netgear Gold Box, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for PS4, and an End-Of-Summer Patio Sale lead off Wednesday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...

Overwatch Comes To Switch Next Month

One of tonight’s Nintendo Direct announcements has leaked early: Blizzard’s popular hero shooter Overwatch is coming to the Switch. It’ll be out next month.Read more...

Playing World Of Warcraft For The First Time Ever Is Wonderful

World of Warcraft Classic is allowing tons of dedicated and longtime fans to relive the early days of their favorite game. For someone like me who never had any experience with World of Warcraft, it’s a different sort of time capsule.

Gears 5 Campaign: The Kotaku Review

Gears 5 has the longest and most ambitious campaign that Gears of War has ever done and, for the most part, that ambition pays off. In a series first, the story focuses on a female character, putting the player in

Square Enix Shows Real-Time Graphics Of The Future

Square Enix studio Luminous Productions has unveiled a new tech demo called “Back Stage” that shows how it uses ray-tracing tech. The demo is rendered in real-time. Read more...

Stand by these: The best and weirdest Stephen King films, miniseries, and TV shows

Being one of the most successful and ubiquitous authors ever allows Stephen King a certain amount of freedom to explore just about every corner of the cultural sphere. In addition to writing dozens of novels, 10 short story and novella

The Time I Wrote George Lucas A Letter

Growing up in the 1980s, I was a huge Star Wars fan. The first movie I ever saw in a theater was The Empire Strikes Back. I loved it. Like everyone else, I eagerly awaited Lucas’ overdue return to the

How A Colorblind Artist Makes Magic Cards & Video Games

Paul Scott Canavan is one of the best artists working in entertainment today, with a list of clients and employers ranging from Wizards of the Coast to Valve to Games Workshop.Read more...

The state of the plain fast food hamburger

The menu board at my local McDonald’s stretches across five vertical television screens, listing out items, price, and caloric level. One dish tucked away in a corner, lost in the sea of Jalapeno McChickens and Double Filet-O-Fishes, is the first

Disintegration Looks Like Destiny But Definitely Doesn’t Play Like It

If you follow video game news relatively closely, you probably know Disintegration as “that upcoming game by one of the co-creators of Halo” or “that game that looked a lot like Destiny in its reveal trailer.” In reality, however, the

Cosplay Looks Totally Different Through The Lens Of An Instant Camera

We’re so accustomed to modern cosplay photography being slick and bright and clean that it’s easy to settle into the idea that’s the only way to take photos of people in costume. But this series of shots from this year’s

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Hasbro Bans Plastic, Evil Dead 2 Fans Get a Guardian Angel, and More in Tabletop News

Welcome back to Gaming Shelf, io9's regular column all about board games and tabletop roleplaying games. This time around, we’ve got a cool campaign from the folks behind Reigns: Game of Thrones, and a design contest to make figures for

Apex Legends’ New Event Turns Everyone Into Glass Cannons

Apex Legends got a big update today, called “Voidwalker” due to its focus on resident goth character Wraith. It adds updated challenges, limited edition items, changes to the map, and a limited-time mode featuring powerful weapons and minimal armor.Rea...

The 10 Best Deals of September 3, 2019

We see a lot of deals around the web over on, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...

Carole & Tuesday Is A Must-Watch Anime With The Catchiest Music

Early on in Carole & Tuesday, runaway rich girl Tuesday and orphan Carole drag bloated bags of laundry to a laundromat on a terraformed Mars. Inside, watching the machines spin, the broke aspiring musicians begin tapping on the ground and

K.K. Slider Is The Most Influential Musician Of Our Generation

Beyoncé? Radiohead? Taylor Swift? Daft Punk? All great musicians, yes, but not quite the single greatest musician of our generation. That honor is reserved for someone so great he verges on fictitious: K.K. Slider.Read more...

Tony Hawk Shares Unused Motion Capture Footage From Original Pro Skater

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is now 20 years old. It’s a milestone that means a lot to a whole lot of people—Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was a watershed moment in video games, a sports game that captured the imagination of

Next Week’s Big Red Dead Online Update Will Include Bounty Hunting

The next big Red Dead Online update arrives next week and will add new roles, such as becoming a bounty hunter. Each new role will come with new gear, abilities, and clothing. Rockstar is also promising improvements to the combat

European Guild Blazes Through WoW Classic’s First 2 Raids In 6 Days

After World of Warcraft first launched on November 23, 2004, it took players 69 days to defeat the endgame raid boss Onyxia. The ten bosses of the Molten Core raid weren’t completely conquered until April 25, 2005. It only took

Control Is Packed With Alan Wake References

Control, the latest game from Remedy Entertainment, has completely taken over my brain. In it, you play as Jesse Faden as she explores the Federal Bureau of Control, a federal agency that studies and contains supernatural objects. Playing a game

Track: Coming Down From Outer Space | Artist: Acid King | Album: Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everyw

Track: Coming Down From Outer Space | Artist: Acid King | Album: Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere Read more...