Player Spends $62,000 In Runescape, Reigniting Community Anger Around Microtransactions

“At this point, it’s no longer pay-to-play,” said a commenter on Runescape’s subreddit. “It’s pay-to-pay.”Read more...

Mutazione Is A Super Chill Game About Raising Plants And Talking To Mutants

Mutazione, an indie game from Die Gute Fabrik out tomorrow on Steam, Apple Arcade and PlayStation 4, does a lot of things well, but what really caught my attention was how it captured the magic of growing plants. To

Shadowkeep Narrative Preview – Chapter Three

So, What Can a Force Ghost Do?

In the mythos of Star Wars’ cosmic energies, the ability to exist after death as a Force Ghost is one of the most rare and powerful abilities a wielder of the Force can master. Or rather, attempt to master. Because

Sayonara Wild Hearts: The Kotaku Review

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a shining example of using a game’s design to say something meaningful while also making it look cool as hell. The game controls simply with the analog stick and a single button. What makes it stand

The Best Way to Play Shooters on The Nintendo Switch Is With a One-Handed Keyboard and Mouse

If you’re going to play shooters on the Nintendo Switch, like Warframe or the upcoming Overwatch port, you’ll want to use a keyboard and mouse.Read more...

Truck Carrying Gaming Dice Spills Onto Highway, Rolls A Perfect 756,000

On Friday, September 13, a truck bound for the Georgia-based tabletop and video game company Trivium Studios took a turn too sharply, spilling 216,000 gaming dice onto Interstate 75 in Atlanta in what could be the biggest unintentional dice roll

The Internet Reacts To Sirfetch’d, Pokémon Sword’s New Farfetch’d Evolution

Farfetch’d, the leek-carrying bird pal that’s been around since the original Pokémon games, is finally getting an evolution of his own. His buff new form, appearing exclusively in Pokémon Sword, is called Sirfetch’d, and the internet has some thoughts...

I’ve Finally Gotten Tired Of Making My Video Game Characters Look Like Boring Slobs

I recently got my hands on Daemon X Machina, the new mech action game for the Nintendo Switch, and I was immediately dazzled—not by the power and might of my giant robot armor, or the weighty action of sci-fi combat—but

Two Months After Turning Off Local Chat And Angering Players, EVE Online Is Back To Normal

After 66 days in darkness, EVE Online is turning the lights back on: The infamous Nullsec blackout came to an end on Monday, enabling players to once again use the “local” chat channel to see other nearby players. The blackout

A Peek Into the Soviet Computer Revolution

One of the largest and coolest collections of Soviet computers in the world resides in an apartment complex in Mariupol, Ukraine. Dmitriy Cherepanov started Club 8-bit with a small collection of computers built when the Soviet bloc was crafting its

Wednesday’s Best Deals: $120 Surround Sound, Kate Spade Surprise Sale, LEGO Saturn V Apollo, and More

A Kyoku Daimyo 8” Damascus Chef’s Knife, a Surprise Sale at Kate Spade, and LEGO Saturn V Apollo lead off Wednesday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...

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Grab Two of Anker’s Excellent Qi Stands For $15 Each [Exclusive]

Anker Powerwave Qi Stand 2-Pack | $30 | Amazon | Promo code KJEB2524Read more...

The First Puzzle Quest Is Still The Best

2007's Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords combined tile-matching puzzles and role-playing game mechanics to create an incredibly compelling hybrid game that was near impossible to put down. One sequel, several spin-offs, and countless copy...

Speedrunners Are Demolishing Celeste’s Difficult New Chapter

Celeste’s recently added epilogue, Farewell, is an extremely difficult but charming send-off to a fantastic game. A normal playthrough takes anywhere from four to five hours and is immensely challenging. Skilled speedrunners are completing it in less t...

Just What Everyone Needs, A Merge Dragons Sequel

Gram Games’ Merge Dragons is a very popular free-to-pay mobile game about combining three things into better things and spending money on dragon gems. Merge Magic, out today on iOS and Android, is a new game about combining three new

Long-Rumored Apex Legends Hero Apparently Spotted In Game

Apex Legends added its first new hero, the speedy Octane, early after launch. The electric-fence-dropping Wattson followed at the start of Season Two in July. Since then, there’s been supposed leaks and speculation about the next hero. Most folks belie...

This $30 Laptop Charger Is Just As Fast As Apple’s, And Has An Extra Port

For just $30 (compared to the $69 Apple would charge), this 61W USB-C charger from RAVPower will charge your laptop (and anything smaller than a laptop) just as quickly as Apple’s 13" MacBook Pro charger. Read more...

Give Your Favorite NASA Nerd LEGO’s Stunning Saturn V Apollo Set For $20 Off

In one giant leap for deal-kind, LEGO’s stunning Saturn V Apollo is back on sale for an entirely reasonable $100 right now, a $20 discount from its usual price, and the best deal we’ve seen since the 2018 holiday season.

Why The Most Recent Tales Game Is Taking So Long

Between 2002 and 2012, Bandai Namco released a mainline Tales game almost every year, save for 2006 and 2010. After 2012, there was a two-year gap before Tales of Zestiria. The following year, Namco Bandai released Tales of Berseria. But since

Kid, you oughta be in pictures: 9 onscreen stars who got their start behind the scenes

Some people are born knowing that their only dream in this life is to be on camera, and pursue that dream with razor-sharp focus. Others are born into the acting profession, or are otherwise fortunate enough that they don’t have

The Sega Genesis Turned Tiny For Capsule Toys

The Sega Genesis Mini is small, but these capsule versions are even smaller. Sure, they don’t play games, but they’re tiny and cute.Read more...

Junior High School Student Wins $46,000 Game Tournament, Doesn’t Get Any Money

During the Tokyo Game Show, legendary Street Fighter player Momochi forfeited tens of thousands of dollars in prize money because he doesn’t have a pro-gaming license in Japan. He wasn’t the only one who lost out on money. The winner

The next Total War game—a Saga title, like Thrones of Britannia—is called Troy, which the cover of P

The next Total War game—a Saga title, like Thrones of Britannia—is called Troy, which the cover of PC Gamer’s print exclusive says is an “epic battle in a world of Gods and monsters”.Read more...

The next Total War game—a Saga title, like Thrones of Britannia—is called Troy.

The next Total War game—a Saga title, like Thrones of Britannia—is called Troy. Here’s the debut trailer.Read more...