Friday’s Best Deals: Dog Toys, Tire Inflators, Champagne Glasses, Water Flossers, and More

An Electric Water Flosser Gold Box, a Chewy Toy Flash Sale, and temperature-Regulating Sheets lead off Friday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...

Here’s What io9’s Staff Is Personally Psyched About for 2020

The Skywalker Saga and the latest phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe might be over, but if our lists of upcoming comic books, movies, and TV shows are any indication, it’s that 2020 promises to be another huge year for

10 Bright Things to Add To Your Dreary January Wardrobe

I have the bad habit of, whenever I see someone wearing University of Wisconsin gear, I give them a HUGE smile and aggressively enthusiastic head nod. Think the Paul Rudd “Look at us” Hot Wings gif, but...even friendlier, if that’s

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Now There Are Official Pokémon ASMR Videos

Want to listen to Chespin munching on a stack of sweets? How about Charmander curled up next to a crackling fire? Now you can, courtesy of Pokémon Kids TV’s official ASMR videos. Read more...

Big-Headed Anime Fortnite Figures Are Coming

Japanese toymaker Good Smile Company makes big-headed anime figures out of everything from Blizzard hero shooters to scary clown movies. It was only a matter of time before they started in on Fortnite. Already big-headed, the bright pink cuddle team

I ate 35 Hot Pockets in 4 days to bring you these authoritative Hot Pocket rankings

There is nothing good about Hot Pockets, and I am saying this as a person who, for some reason, enjoys a Hot Pocket every now and again. Have I ever been under the impression they were good? No. I have

When Zelda Meets Horizon Zero Dawn

Victor Herranz is a 3D artist at Gameloft, who figured he’d combine two of the best games of 2017 in one character.Read more...

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: 2015: A Look Back on Our Most Memo

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: 2015: A Look Back on Our Most Memorable Anime Series • Dark Aether’s Top 10 Games Of 2019 • Japanese Cookbook 101 - part 7. Sweets edition • TAY Retro: Sega Master

Man “Hijacks” Airport Monitor To Play PS4 Game

A “young man” waiting at Portland International earlier today, perhaps bored as we all are by the drudgery of airports, figured he could just unpack his PS4 console, plug it into an airport information monitor and start playing some Apex

Let’s See How Construction On Nintendo’s Theme Park Is Coming Along

Super Nintendo World is due to open in around six months time, which is why we’re starting to get stuff like big shiny music videos. For something a bit more real, though, let’s check out some aerial footage of the

Jedi: Fallen Order Glitch Creates Force Ballerina

Today on Highlight Reel we have ballet Jedi, masterful Breath of the Wild moves, sudden Modern Warfare, Red Dead fist fights, and much more!Read more...

Disco Elysium’s Dialogue Is Like A Good Tweet

The other day, I tried to recommend Disco Elysium to Kotaku traitor and noted single-player game hater Cecilia D’Anastasio. Spinning an ode to the game’s masterful mixture of character writing and subtle world-building would, I knew, accomplish nothing...

The Next Year-Long Elder Scrolls Online Adventure Explores The Dark Heart Of Skyrim

Teased during the Video Game Awards back in December and officially announced today, the Dark Heart of Skyrim is a year-long story event in Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls Online, giving players the chance to explore iconic locations 1,000 years before

Buy The New Humble Bundle, Help Australia

The new Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a massive collection of games (worth over $400) on sale right now and every single cent you spend goes directly to helping millions of

Check Out The Overwatch League’s Fancy New Designer Uniforms

Who needs commentators when the players look so good? The Overwatch League has teamed with legendary streetwear designer Jeff Staple to create an “authentic player kit” for each of the league’s 20 teams. It’s so fancy. Read more...

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Speedrunners Shatter Ocarina of Time World Record By Warping Into The Credits

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has always been a hotbed of speedrunning activity, shifting and warping with new glitches. Whenever it seems there’s no more time to save, another trick is found. The latest involved manipulating the game’s

5 Hours In, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Is Not The RPG I Was Hoping For

I’ve played Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for five hours so far, and it appears to be part fighting game and part fetch-quest generator. Mostly it’s a rehash of the source material that almost anyone who will be interested in the

Sources: Horizon: Zero Dawn Is Coming To PC

The PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn will come to personal computers this year, sources tell Kotaku. It’s an unprecedented move for Sony that signals a future in which the publisher releases games on platforms beyond its own consoles.Read mor...

The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian’s Fascinating Approaches to Star Wars Fan Service

For better or worse, it is not unfair to describe either of Star Wars’ most recent major projects—at the box office, the climax of the saga, The Rise of Skywalker; and on streaming, the culmination of years of attempts to

Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed To September

You know how I said on Tuesday that it was delay season? The much-anticipated sci-fi role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 is next on the list—now it’s coming in September instead of April. Sorry, sorry. You must have known this was coming.Read more...

The Internet Reacts To Yet Another Fire Emblem Character In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

There’s a lot to love about Professor Byleth, the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Given the game’s success, it makes perfect sense that Byleth would be a fighter in Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate. After all the buildup to the

Gravity Blanket’s 35-Pound Weighted Blanket Is Back In Stock, Get It For 10% Off

10% Off Your Order | Gravity Blanket | Promo code KINJA10Read more...

Ask Dr. NerdLove: My Girlfriend Wants A Baby, But I Don’t

Hello, all you electric clouds of death spores, and welcome to Ask Dr. NerdLove, the only dating advice column to help you with the New Game + of your love life.Read more...

Four Sleep Trackers to Keep You Bright Eyed and Bushytailed

Welcome to the 21st century where our social media is tracking our habits, our watches count our daily steps, and various gadgets monitor our every single move we make while sleeping. Next thing you know, cars will be self-driving and