GI Show – Rage 2, Final Fantasy VII, David Brevik Interview

Click here to watch embedded media Game Informer's Ben Hanson, Andrew Reiner, and Dan Tack talk about Tack's r...

Sony And Microsoft Team Up On Tech

Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony's president and CEO (left) and Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO (right) ...

Should We Care About Video Game Companies Collecting Our Data?

Video games often ask us to share our data with the developers. Sometimes, games and other apps bury this question in a long privacy policy that you have to agree to in order to even load it up. And sometimes,

The 10 Best Deals of May 16, 2019

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Artist Reimagines Pokémon Starters As Different Pokémon Types

I’ve played through Pokémon Blue, Red, and Yellow dozens of times. Those games’ starters will always have a special place in my heart. But I’d love to still play with them while having the option to explore different elemental attacks.

Snap Your Fingers and This Avengers: Endgame Gauntlet Will Be All Yours

Have you ever wanted to snap your fingers and get all that you’ve ever wanted?Read more...

Microsoft And Sony Announce Vague Cloud Gaming Partnership

Microsoft said today that it will partner with Sony, its chief rival in the gaming console space, on “new cloud-based solutions for gaming experiences.” It’s unclear what exactly the new collaboration will ultimately lead to, but the move is still

Fortnite’s New John Wick Mode Is Basically Just Fortnite With Nice Suits

Fortnite Battle Royale is having a tie-in event with the movie John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, offering a limited time mode and sleek new skins. The mode, called Wick’s Bounty, doesn’t feel like it has much to do with

Two New Episodes Coming To Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus released earlier this year, and it was a good game! For those who wanted even more from the experience...

How to Get a Free Copy of Ubisoft’s ‘Steep’ on PC

Ubisoft’s gorgeous open world skiing and snowboarding game, Steep, is available for free on PC for a limited time. Here’s how to claim your copy:Read more...

The Internet Has Some Ideas For More Mario Maker 2 Game Styles

Leave an empty space on a promotional image, and the internet will fill it for you. This is as certain as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West and gravity keeping us all from spinning out

Mega Man, Street Fighter II Coming To Genesis Mini

Sega has revealed the next batch of 10 games coming to its Genesis Mini console, including Capcom classics like Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, and Ghouls ‘n Ghosts.Read more...

Literally, No One Is Stopping You From Buying and Eating These 18 Candy Bars

Are you snacking on a piece of candy right now? No? You do realize you’re an adult with a credit card and your mom can’t tell you to stop eating candy, right? If you want it, buy it! Right now,

New Switch Discount Program Is Unnecessarily Complicated

Rather than simply discount its digital games like every other video game platform, Nintendo is running a new Switch promotion where players can purchase special vouchers that can then be traded in for new games, turning the entire process into

See The First Trailer For The CW’s Batwoman Series

Click to watch embedded media The producers behind Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl are setting their sights o...

Family Life Has Turned One Of World Of Warcraft’s Greatest Heroes Into Mel Gibson

In the latest cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft, orc leader Varok Saurfang travels to Outland in search of legendary Horde warchief Thrall, who retired with his wife and children following the events of the Legion expansion. What Saurfang finds

Exclusive Wolverine Gameplay Details In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order looks to have a massive roster of supercharged heroes. We already kno...

Ask Dr. NerdLove: Should I Trade Up For A ‘Better’ Girlfriend?

Hello all you orgasm manatees of damnation, and welcome to Ask Dr. NerdLove, the only dating advice column to help you navigate the lootboxes of love.Read more...

Apex Legends Players Want Better, Cheaper Skins

Apex Legends players feel that the game is cramping their style. Skins are a frequent source of complaint in the game’s community, cropping up in forum posts every few weeks. As a free-to-play game with a set roster of characters,

Killing Rage 2’s Enemies Is As Satisfying As Popping Pimples

I know something about you that you probably won’t even admit to yourself, a fundamental human truth as undeniable as breathing: You like popping pimples. Slowly applying pressure until those tiny face volcanoes erupt into a gooey spew is one

This Company Is Betting the Future Is Personal AI Avatars, So It Made Me One

In January 2019, when China Central Television, the largest broadcast network in the most populous nation in the world, aired a special to celebrate the Lunar New Year, the hosts welcomed four life-sized “personal artificial intelligences” to share the...

Upstart Epic PC Store Launches Its First Steam-Style Mega Sale

Epic Games’ store has announced its own take on the Steam Summer Sale—the latest spoonful of Steam’s game-selling pie that Epic has shoveled directly into its mouth. The move comes over a month before Steam typically offers its famous Summer

The App That Lets You Stream Steam Games To Your iPhone Is Available Now

Last night, Valve launched the Steam Link iOS app that lets you stream your steam library to your iPhone. You ...

The Evolution of Online Eating Disorder Communities From Tumblr to Twitter Meme

Online eating disorder subculture, pockets of the internet where largely young women and girls share inspiration and information on ED behaviors, has always been a black hole of calorie counting and exercising. Little has fundamentally changed since th...

Thursday’s Best Deals: Shark Vacuums, Grooming Essentials, PUMA, and More

Shark vacuum freebies, a grooming essentials gold box, and a PUMA spring-to-summer sale lead off Thursday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...

TIME’s 2019 list of “Next Generation Leaders” names 19-year-old Overwatch League pro Kim “Geguri” Se

TIME’s 2019 list of “Next Generation Leaders” names 19-year-old Overwatch League pro Kim “Geguri” Se-Yeon, the league’s first female player. “Since I am the only female player in the whole league, I think there are a lot of people who look