Poop Is a Really Popular Kids Toy This Year

Poop should not be a trend. Nevertheless turd toys were everywhere at Toy Fair this year. But it wasn’t all fecal fare. Boogers, farts, and pimples were all the subject of toys appropriate for kids too. As toymakers can’t seem

Blizzard Let Zenyatta Walk And It Was A Mistake

Overwatch’s ZenyattaOh, unholy day. Overwatch’s floating monk Zenyatta has found his feet and it is entirely unsettling to watch.So far, we’ve only seen Zenyatta hover cross-legged a few feet above the ground. Yesterday, Blizzard’s Twitter account noti...

Eevee From Pokémon Makes Macarons Look Cute And Delicious

[Image: Tsurutan]Twitter user Tsurutan turns iconic characters into adorable macarons.Character macarons are certainly a thing, and as IT Media points out, Tsurutan’s have been tearing up Twitter.Don’t you just want to bite their faces off? Or maybe go...

Long before Spider-Man, Sam Raimi cast Liam Neeson as a wilder, grosser superhero

With Age Of Heroes, Tom Breihan picks the most important superhero movie of every year, starting with the genre’s early big-budget moments and moving onto the multiplex-crushing monsters of today.Darkman (1990)Sam Raimi wanted to make a superhero movie...

Why The Men Of BlazBlue Don’t Have Nipples

[Image: BlazBlue Wikia]Have you ever wondered why shirtless dudes in BlazBlue like Bang Shishigami don’t have nipples? There is a reason for that, and Arc System Works says it’s cultural.“I heard that overseas it wouldn’t be too well received, so

“Nintendo Guy” Is Excellent At Accepting Nintendo Awards

[Image via IGN | YouTube]At today’s DICE Awards, Nintendo cleaned up. The Kyoto-based game company didn’t send their development teams to the ceremony. Instead, it was up to one man to collect all the trophies. His name is Nintendo Guy.Of

Breath Of The Wild Wins Big At 2018 DICE Awards

The 21st D.I.C.E. Awards—voted on by over 30,000 members of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences—just wrapped up in Vegas, and among the winners are Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn and Cuphead.Breath of the Wild won four

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Black Panther And Gray Morality: W

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Black Panther And Gray Morality: What To Do When Both Sides Are Right • Dating Sims Have Staked A Large Claim On The Innovation Ball • “There Is No Real Me” • Late TAY Retro:

The Boss Will See You Now

Mike Henry is director of art at German studio Bigpoint.You can see more of Mike’s work at his ArtStation page.To see the images in their native resolution, click on the “expand” button in the top-left corner.AdvertisementFine Art is a celebration

Fans Have Spent Over $150,000 Cheering Overwatch League Teams On Twitch

Yesterday, Twitch introduced “cheering” functionality to its Overwatch League streams, allowing viewers to express team loyalty with actual money. Oddly, however, none of that money is going directly to teams.In order to use Twitch’s cheering functiona...

Color Blind Players Are Concerned About Rainbow Six Siege’s New Operator Ability 

Olivier “Lion” Flament is a French service member who’s special ability involves using a drone to survey hostile areas and detect movement. Unfortunately, the way this works involves a red aura around opponents that some players won’t be able to

Witcher Birthday Cake Features Hot Tub, Dick

For @Klutar’s birthday, his partner made him this Witcher 3 cake. It is a wet, naked, hairy work of art.WARNING: NSFW IMAGES BELOWI’ve seen Collector’s Edition statues with less detail than this, so this is really something.And yes, before you

Black Panther’s Director Is Very Into Stardew Valley Right Now

Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is busy travelling the world promoting the flick, which means an endless stream of red carpet interviews. Like this one, where Maude Garrett asks him what he’s into right now, and he gets talking about

Fortnite Player Gracefully Accepts Death

GIF Today on Highlight Reel we have Shadow of the Colossus glitches, mad mountain goats, Monster Hunter plays, and much more!Watch the video then talk about your favorite highlight in the comments below. Be sure to

Alto’s Odyssey Is A Sequel That Was Worth Waiting For

The long-awaited sequel to Snowman’s wonderful endless snowboarding game is finally here. While Alto’s Odyssey swaps the snow-capped mountains of Alto’s Adventure for sandy deserts and jungle temples, it’s still incredibly chill.Originally planned for ...

Steam User Develops His Own Way To Find New Games

These days, Steam is one-part library, one-part labyrinth. The sheer volume of games on the service is overwhelming. Valve’s solution to the problem has been to double down on algorithms, but many still don’t feel like Steam is helping them

Firewatch Inspires Teenager To Save Real Life Lookout Tower

Image credit: Campo Santo Jack Kelley knew he wanted to play Firewatch since seeing the first pieces of artwork. After the game released in 2016, Kelley became fascinated by the real world lookout towers that inspired the game, culminating in

After Finding A Tumor, He’s Learning How To Play Video Games Again

A man who credited the Switch with detecting a tumor in his hand had the tumor removed Monday. Now he’s come up with a clever way to play games during recovery.Last week we wrote about Chris, an Australian programmer, who

This Week at Bungie – 2/22/2018

Calling Cards

We Discuss The Best And Worst Overwatch Maps

Overwatch map King’s RowOverwatch maps are like candy grab-bags. Sometimes, you get an M&M. Other times, you get a black licorice chew. Recently, Blizzard posted a poll asking players to vote on their favorite maps. Seventeen thousand players r...

Pop Chart Lab’s Marvel Origins Poster Is Here to Rescue Your Boring Walls

Marvel Origins: A Sequential Compendium | Pop Chart Lab | 20% off with code EXSALESIORPop Chart Lab teamed up with Marvel to illustrate the origin stories of 36 different heroes on a single poster, and you can save 20% by

The Endless Quest To Make My Windows PC Stay Asleep Overnight

My PC can do a lot of things. It can play video games at high resolutions and snappy frame rates. It can run the latest virtual reality software, transporting me to fantastical virtual worlds. It cannot, however, reliably sleep through

Trump Says Video Game Violence Is ‘Shaping Young People’s Thoughts’

Image credit: Win McNamee/Getty ImagesToday during a meeting on school safety at the White House, U.S. President Donald Trump suggested that violent video games are partly responsible for school shootings.His train of thought was hard to follow—as it o...

Here’s What’s Coming and Going From Netflix in March 2018

February isn’t pulling any punches, but we’re getting through it thanks to the Benzocaine-like powers of Netflix’s streaming video service. Plus, March is around the corner and bringing new seasons of action-packed shows, similarly action-packed films,...

Steam’s Notorious Sex Game Publisher Keeps Churning Out Incomprehensible Games

While Steam has gained a lewd reputation, the specifics of who brings risque games onto the platform is largely unknown to the general public. In trying to find out whether or not Steam was actually being overrun by sex games,

Luigi Will Comment On Your Super Mario Odyssey Outfits

Luigi is finally in Super Mario Odyssey as part of the game’s new Balloon World update which went live today. What strange wind brought him and his balloons to New Donk City is anybody’s guess, but while he’s around he