Lightning Reactions To E3 2017’s Biggest Reveals And Revelations

In the wake of E3's hard hitting press conferences, briefings, showcases, and spotlights, three GI editors sit down to discuss what worked for them and what didn't in this special video feature.

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Arms Is Out Today On Nintendo Switch

Amidst all the excitement of E3, it's easy to forget about games that are right around the corner, like Arms! Arms is a brand new IP from Nintendo that we really enjoyed playing. It's a fresh, zany,

The Lost Sphear’s Lessons Learned From I Am Setsuna

Tokyo RPG Factory is a studio devoted to creating new titles in the style of the classic role-playing games of the ‘90s. The company’s first project, I am Setsuna, was an interesting first step toward capturing the essence of games

E3 2017 Pulled In Nearly 70,000 People, Microsoft And Nintendo Generated Most Online Buzz

It's over! E3 2017 wrapped up yesterday, and now it's time for the measuring tapes to come out. The show floor was open to the public for the first time, pulling in attendees from around the world.

IO Interactive Is Now “Officially Independent” And Will Keeps Rights To Hitman

In May, Square-Enix revealed it was selling off IO Interactive, the makers of Hitman and Kane & Lynch, after over 19 years of working with the studios. Shortly after that, the developer announced a round of layoffs.

PES 2018 Feels Like A Different Game, And That’s Good

Pro Evolution Soccer has been improving since a slow start to this console generation. Last year's game was superb, but the development team at Konami is not taking anything for granted. For example, PES 2018 does not

We Ask Yoshinori Ono 30 Years’ Worth Of Street Fighter Questions

With Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary being this year, we began thinking about the questions that have bothered us ever since we first began playing Street Fighter. Luckily, Capcom's Yoshinori Ono was at this year’s E3, so we

The Lost Legacy Looks Like More Uncharted, And That’s Great

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was one of my favorite games last year, so I was excited as I sat down to watch Naughty Dog’s demo of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at E3. During the course of

Watch Us Play 15 Minutes Of Destiny 2 On PC

Among the many new things about Destiny 2 is it coming to PC via Blizzards's service. As someone who plays a lot of their shooters on a computer, I was curious to see how a game

Bandai Namco On Why A 2D Fighting Game Was the Right Choice For Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball FighterZ was one of the biggest surprises of this year's E3. With its gorgeously detailed renderings of classic Dragon Ball characters like Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza, its ferociously cluttered combat, and high-octane anime midfight scenes,

How Crackdown 3’s World Reacts To Your Actions

Actor Terry Crews headlined Crackdown 3's showing at Microsoft's press conference (he will also play a character within the game), but star power isn't the biggest thing that this open-world game has going for it. Freedom is front

Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Strides Past Its Predecessor

I was left disappointed with the ending of Shadow of Mordor when I played it at launch in 2014. After a promising start to that game, the final hours of the adventure felt rushed and sometimes ill-conceived, and the early

Tropico 6 Looks To Build Upon The Personality-Driven City Sim

With Tropico 6, Limbic Entertainment is bringing back fan favorite features and combining them with their own personal touches in hopes of creating the most fully featured entry yet. As with the previous entry, you play through four eras (Colonial, World War, Cold

GI Show – State Of Decay 2, Monster Hunter, Days Gone Meets MercurySteam

Welcome to the final night of our E3 2017 podcasts! On tonight's show, we're joined by Andrew Reiner, Joe Juba, Brian Shea, Ben Reeves, and Kyle Hilliard to break down the biggest and most exciting games that

Out of the E3, Into the EA

Greetings, everyone! Bayohne here, back ...

Revolutionary new fighting game ARMS now available for Nintendo Switch

To cap off a month of all things ARMS - highlighted by two popular Global Testpunch events and a livestreamed tournament this week at the E3 video game conference - Nintendo's unique new fighting game is now available in stores

Revolutionary new fighting game ARMS now available for Nintendo Switch

To cap off a month of all things ARMS - highlighted by two popular Global Testpunch events and a livestreamed tournament this week at the E3 video game conference - Nintendo's unique new fighting game is now available in stores

E3 2017 Thursday Recap

The G.I. crew once again hit the showfloor to bring you a ton of new hands-on impressions, features, and interviews from E3 2017. Here they all are in one handy recap.

If you missed more than today's events, you're in

Absolver Overwhelms With Melee Complexity

Absolver is hands-down the most complex melee combat system I’ve encountered in a game, and the game will live or die by its ability to communicate that complexity to its players in a clear and steady learning curve. That’s my

Expand Your Evil Adventure In Tyranny’s Tales From The Tiers DLC

The world of Tyranny is getting bigger this week with the release of the Tales from the Tiers DLC. Rather than tell one cohesive story, the new DLC offers over 40 vignettes that flesh out the game's

See How Local Co-Op Works In Super Mario Odyssey

During the third day of Nintendo's E3 Treehouse Live Stream, the company revealed Super Mario Odyssey will feature local co-op... sort of.

If you want to play Super Mario Odyssey with another person, one player will control Mario

Why You Shouldn’t Write Off Metal Gear Survive

I get it. I was as skeptical as anyone. When Konami announced that Metal Gear would be continuing (without series creator Hideo Kojima) as a zombie/survival game, I was not interested. However, after playing Metal Gear Survive

Setting Forza 7 Apart

I've played Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox One X, and there's a lot to like about it – it looks great, it feels good, and its got some cool features. That's not unusual for a Forza title.

The Five Most Promising New IPs Revealed At E3 2017

This year's E3 felt packed with announcements for games. A lot of them, as is often the case, turned out to be sequels or spin-offs of established series, like Wolfenstein II and Life Is Strange: Before The

Here’s Everything You Can Capture In Super Mario Odyssey So Far

At this year's E3, we finally saw the big hook of the new Mario game: transforming into all kinds of unique creatures and inanimate objects.

Curious about the scope of this feature, I took a look at all

Agents Of Mayhem Is Closer To Saint’s Row Than You Think

I enjoyed Saint's Row: The Third and its follow-ups, but was a little let down Agents of Mayhem's initial reveals. It certainly had the tone of Saint's Row, but seemed to be a different beast. I was