Overthrow your enemies by leading a formation of drones to victory!

It's Monday which means we have a new pitch on Collective for you to vote on. Kwarn Armada Tactics (K.A.T) is a real-time tactical combat game (RTS) that puts you at the head of an armada of drones. Your mission is

Rock Band Blitz Nearing The End Of Its Tour

Next month marks the end of an era for die-hard music-game fans, with word that Rock Band Blitz will be pulled from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 online stores. 

The demo and complete game will be removed

A New Legendary Arrives In Pokémon Go Today

Trainers, if you haven't added Articuno to your Pokémon ranks yet, get out there and play. At some point today, Articuno will no longer be seen. This legendary Pokémon that represents Team Mystic is being replaced by

New Super Mario Bros. 2 2DS Bundle Coming Next Month

Nintendo has announced another Nintendo 2DS bundle, and this one includes a red-and-white handheld with New Super Mario Bros. 2 preinstalled.

It's not the newly released 2DS XL form factor, but at $79.99 it's an affordable option for

Keep your summer adventures going with the Nintendo 3DS family of systems

Even though summer break is over in a matter of weeks, it doesn't mean your summer adventures have to end. With the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, incredible adventures through amazing worlds are always at your fingertips. On Aug. 25,

Keep your summer adventures going with the Nintendo 3DS family of systems

Even though summer break is over in a matter of weeks, it doesn't mean your summer adventures have to end. With the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, incredible adventures through amazing worlds are always at your fingertips. On Aug. 25,

YouTuber Creates Tribute To Splatoon 2 With 65,000 Dominoes

Nintendo's Splatoon 2 released on the Switch about a week ago, and recently YouTuber TheDominoKing built an impressive tribute to the game, entirely out of dominoes. 

The video below, which uses 65,556 dominoes in total, portrays a bunch

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Gets Emotional Trailer, PS4 Pro Support Confirmed

Ninja Theory's Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is out in just a week's time, and the studio is hyping up its upcoming release with an emotional trailer. Ninja Theory also confirmed that Hellblade will be enhanced for PS4 Pro.

The ominous-looking trailer shows

Persona 5 Anime Adaptation Premieres In 2018

Atlus announced earlier today that a Persona 5 anime is on its way. Named Persona 5 The Animation, the anime is being produced by Atlus as well as the animation studio A-1 Pictures.

Persona 5 The Animation will release

Titanfall 2 Comes To Origin Access Next Week

Titanfall 2 will be added to the growing vault of PC games known as Origin Access next week. For those with a subscription, they can soon enjoy the full game through this service as of August 1.

Right before it's added

Breath Of The Wild Glitch Lets You Play Without Blood Moons, Fast Travel, And More

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild lets you play in a variety of ways, and approach situations at your leisure. One thing you can't alter, however, is the flow of time, or whether you can

Dota 2 Is Guiding New Players With Friendly Matchmaking, Hero Choices

Dota 2 is a notoriously hard game to learn. Figuring out how the game works will take more than a couple of games, and figuring out how to get good at it can take a lifetime. In time for the game's

Tekken 7 Players Can Grab Eliza, Free Taiko: Drum Master Cosmetic DLC

Tekken 7 is a great fighting game, and part of what makes it great is its diverse cast of characters and astounding amount of character customization. Those who didn't pre-order the game can now expand the game's

Report: Capcom Preparing More Switch Games After Ultra Street Fighter II Success

During its latest financial report brief, Capcom revealed Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers sold above the company's expectations. As a result, the company plans to start preparing more Switch titles.

As The Wall Street Journal's Takashi

Titanfall 2 Is Free To Play This Weekend

If you're interested in playing Titanfall 2's new four-player co-op mode and have never played the game before (you should), now's your chance: Titanfall 2 is free-to-play on consoles and PC until tomorrow, July 30.

The free-to-play portion of

Niantic Delays Upcoming Pokémon Go Live Events In Europe

Niantic has postponed four in-person Pokémon Go events in Europe, the company announced today on the official Pokémon Go website. The "Safari Zone" events scheduled for August 5 in Copenhagen, Denmark and Prague, The Czech Republic and August 12

What To Watch This Weekend: Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. Melee, And Call Of Duty

This weekend is light on the esports, but that won't last. Next month will host both the Call of Duty World League finals and Dota 2's International, so we'll have more than our share of things to

Replay – Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

We've been wanting to do a PSP-focused episode for awhile, but were held back by a barrier we thought was insurmountable: I had to order a new battery for the handheld. Once we worked out those complicated

Gravity Rush Meets Let It Die In Upcoming Event

Gravity Rush 2, Sony's PS4 open-world platformer starring everyone's favorite gravity witch, is apparently crossing over with Grasshopper's free-to-play roguelike Let It Die. The announcement was made at GungHo Festival 2017, an event celebrating Grasshopper's parent company,

The Final Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie Gets A Teaser

Five years after the previous Evangelion movie, nearly ten years since the Rebuild series started, and just over twenty years since the show ended, the final Evangelion movie gets its first teaser.

The Rebuild movies, remakes intended to

Weekend Warrior – Let’s Make This The First Result When You Google Imran Khan

This Weekend Warrior is very special, as it marks the first time our wonderful new west coast news editor, Imran Khan, must divulge his weekend plans for the entertainment of our readers. Thanks, Imran! If you haven't

Dark Souls Trilogy Soundtracks Getting Limited Edition Vinyl Release

The music of the Dark Souls trilogy is coming to vinyl in a stylish collector's box which includes every orchestral theme from the games.

The nine-vinyl collection will see a limited release of only 2,000 copies. The Dark

Five Ways That Rockstar Has Changed The Video Game Industry

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most highly anticipated games of next year, and for good reason: It’s being developed by Rockstar Games. The studio’s history is one of innovation; nearly every Rockstar

Was Toad A Jerk To Mario In The Eighties?

Early sprite art was an exercise in interpretation. What one person saw as a headdress, other people saw as a face. Over on Reddit's r/gaming, that principle of interpretation is having people questioning whether Toad is someone

Opinion – The Amiibo Use In Metroid Goes Too Far

When Nintendo introduced Amiibo, its little plastic figurines representing an enormous library of characters, even the company seemed confused about their use. Aside from making money, the Super Smash Bros. line of Amiibo did not really accomplish

Doom Multiplayer Is Free On PS4 This Week, Plus A Singleplayer Trial

If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription and are feeling twitchy this weekend, Bethesda has you covered. This weekend, the multiplayer for Doom is unlocked in its entirety, so you can take it for a spin with