BioWare Releases Mass Effect Andromeda Character Reference Kits

Fans of Mass Effect have been creating art of, and dressing up as, its characters since the start of the series. BioWare is hoping that will continue to be the case with the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda, and are encouraging

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Digital Issue Is Now Live

If you subscribe to the computer, tablet, or mobile edition of Game Informer magazine, you can now read new, exclusive details about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Following today's cover reveal, our digital issue is now live

You Can Now Use Your World Of Warcraft Gold To Purchase Loot Boxes In Overwatch

Want to burn through some more loot boxes to find that one Mei skin but don't have the time to grind out more matches and don't want to burn through our wallet? Blizzard's giving you another option...if

What It’s Like To Be An eSports Commentator

Photo credit: Samantha Hancock and Jorien van der Heijden.

In this month’s issue of Game Informer we dove into the world of eSports, detailing how players, teams, and sponsors work with each other to make sure people who excel

The Final Defender Arrives In New Trailer For Netflix’s Iron Fist

Netflix debuted a new trailer today for the upcoming superhero series Iron Fist via their YouTube. The trailer, which is a little over two minutes in length, does a good job of showing some backstory for protagonist

Gears Of War 4 Valentine’s Day Update Adds Two Maps And Torque Bow Tag

Today The Coalition revealed an upcoming update for Gears Of War 4's multiplayer component. The update includes a Valentine's day event that includes "daily Valentine's themed bounties" as well as two new maps and the return of

Question Of The Month: What Was Your Favorite Shooter Of 2016?

In issue 285, we asked readers to share their favorite shooter of last year with us. Now it's your turn to weigh in. 

The most popular responses weren't exactly a surprise, but their order was: Unlike the results

March Cover Reveal – The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

This year brings the release of a new Nintendo console and a new Zelda game. Both are momentous occasions in the video game world, and we haven’t seen the two overlap in this way since the launch

Nintendo Switch Is Getting FIFA 18

When EA announced that it is bringing the FIFA franchise to the Nintendo Switch this year, the fact that Patrick Söderlund, executive vice president at EA, simply called it "EA Sports FIFA on Nintendo Switch" was conspicuous.

Love Spreads Like A Disease In Paragon’s Carnival Of Hearts Event

Starting today, Paragon players can get a little insight about disease transmission thanks to the game's new Carnival of Hearts event. That may not have been their goal – it was ostensibly more about celebrating V-Day and

Forza Horizon Dev Opening New Studio For Non-Racing Project

Forza Horizon developer Playground Games has announced that it is opening a second studio in order to start work on a new open-world, non-racing title. has the news, talking to Ralph Fulton, founder and creative director at

Our 5 Biggest Impressions From Playing Rime

Rime, an adventure game that centers around puzzle solving and exploration, was first revealed back in 2013. Since then, we've heard very little about the game and it left the spotlight until recently. With developer Tequila Works

Streamer Beats Resident Evil 7 On Hardest Difficulty During Intense Knife-Only Speedrun

Speedruns aren't usually something I care about but even this one made my head spin a bit. YouTuber Quizzle has beaten Resident Evil 7 with only a knife on Madhouse difficulty, which is impressive enough on its

Reader Discussion – Do Difficult Games Intimidate You?

Nioh comes out tomorrow. I'm about 20 hours into it and agree with reviewer Dan Tack's assessment that it's quite good. It's also ridiculously difficult, far harder than any Souls game. I honestly haven't played an action

Wildlands Sitrep – The Pros And Cons Of The Ghost Recon Closed Beta

Five years since Ubisoft Paris first began its development, we finally got extended hands-on time with the next entry in the Ghost Recon series. Set in a sprawling open world and supporting up to four-player co-op, Wildlands is a drastic

Skilled Overwatch Player Proves Sombra Can Compete In Video

It's generally accepted knowledge in the Overwatch competitive scene that Sombra is not a viable main. While the hacker may have stolen the show upon her arrival with her tricky moves including teleportation and invisibility, a lot

Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud And Sephiroth Recreated As Snow Sculptures

Final Fantasy VII Remake may be some time away, but two of the title's most recognizable characters have already been remade... As snow sculptures, that is.


— Ayu (@19sweet10rose19) February 6, 2017

Attendees of Japan's 68th

Rainbow 6 Siege Dev Diary Details Year 2 Improvements

Rainbow Six: Siege has been out in the wild since December 2015, but Ubisoft is continuing to support the popular tactical shooter with a slew of new content and updates for Year 2, as detailed in a

Pair Pleads Guilty To Breaking UK’s Gambling Act Via FIFA Site

A YouTube streamer and his business partner have pleaded guilty to charges related to the UK's Gambling Act. The two men ran a web site that served as a conduit for FIFA Ultimate Team gambling, where users

The Sports Desk – A New Look At The Golf Club 2

The Golf Club franchise has redefined video game golf. The first title not only created an enthusiastic community of course architects with its creation tools, it also supported that community by building on the core game with

Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, And 94 Other Tech Companies File Brief Opposing Immigration Ban

The Trump administration's temporary immigration ban has been loudly protested by a number of  voices within the games industry, but that's just a small segment of the overall tech world. Yesterday, 97 tech companies filed a brief

Rock Band VR Gameplay Trailer And Release Details

The rhythm genre may not be as hugely popular as it was in its heyday of 2007-09, but there is still an audience out there who loves to rock out on their plastic instruments. Rock Band 4's

Sega Profits Rise On Back Of Football Manager 2017, Yakuza 6

Sega has released its financial report for the nine-month period ending Dec. 31, 2016, and it was a profitable period for the Japanese company.

Sega sold 8.13 million games in that period, up from last year's 6.12 million,

PSA: Free Elder Scrolls Online Homestead Update Available Now

Elder Scrolls Online is getting a free update today that allows players to own their own homesteads. The first major DLC of 2017 for the massively multiplayer game will allow players to buy and own their own

Square Enix Profits Up In 2016

Square Enix has released its earnings report for the nine-month period that ended Dec. 31, 2016. And thanks in part to releases including Final Fantasy XV and the PlayStation 4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider,

Elite Dangerous Dev Signs Game Deal With Hollywood Studio

Elite Dangerous (shown) and Planet Coaster developer Frontier Developments has announced that the company's third video game franchise will be based on an "enduring movie franchise of global renown" from a Hollywood studio.

"We have chosen to license