Path Of exile – 3.11 GGG fail again

Path Of exile – 3.11 GGG fail again

And once again GGG fails its attempt to create a new event, after a month has passed the game is full of bugs that make your eyes widen.

What is most surprising is the fact that the bugs are always the same in every league born. Old problems return to the surface. May GGG do it on purpose?

What is now certainty is that GGG wants to destroy the Standard league every 3 months, which is the most beautiful League of all.

Currently the situation of standard players is paradoxical: All players wait for a patch to transform old maps into new ones, a problem already chewed several times but that GGG does not want to fix, totally untested during the creation of new content, these are the basics of the game.

By now almost the whole community thinks so. Several players think that it is the usual trick to keep people in play throughout the season and that GGG invents each league new tricks to extend the longevity and thus offer new and horrifying MTX in perfect GGG style. So apparently the 3 main goals of GGG seem to be:

  • -HP for all players (unstoppable feature every league)
  • +HP for mobs (actually kill a boss in 6 people party needs you order before a dinner, otherwise you risk not having dinner!)
  • Inventing new GGG matrioscha systems that make players lose inexorably infinite time.

While all the players have understood that GGG in 3 months cannot churn out a league without infinite bugs, now call the alpha league.

Do you want to have happy moments? you just have to read here
which GGG does not do.

Happy bug moments to all player !!!!

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