10 reasons to quit Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines

Platforms: APPLE, PC
Release Date: March 10, 2015 Genre: Management
Manufacturer: Paradox Interactive

Sim City was a problem project. The launch was disastrous for many reasons: the need to stay connected to play, the lack of mod, cities and tiny routine traffic completely random have undermined the good things done by Maxis earlier, and despite all the backbone the title was still solid and promising.

Patches are coming in the months to follow, but, of course, the community had already distanced himself from the project, leaving the game server deserts and wasting much of that impact social as important for the project.
Unfortunately, Electronic Arts has failed to collect time for the suggestions of the players, thereby making for a game criticized by many hands and unable to stand on its own legs. Paradox is certainly not stay with our arms folded and given topple its main competitors with regard to management, has taken what was good in the product labeled EA and transposed on his Cities Skylines, title we tried preview for you in Stockholm.

Cities Skylines seems to give players everything Sim City failed to offer. We have a chance to play completely offline, download and expand the game through Steam Workshop in a totally free and a base game with engines for the management of various routine managerial studied carefully by a passionate team, all of which should make the joy of lovers of this genre. Paradox could get your hands on a really good product, on 10 March, the final verdict.

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