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Hello, this is Voltenyne from the Commun…

Hello, this is Voltenyne from the Community Team!

Patch 5.2 arrives on Tuesday, Feb. 18 and will introduce plenty of new content, as well as various improvements and features to the user interface (UI)! Today we’ll be taking a quick look at some UI updates before they appear in the patch notes!

■ Waymarks
As you may have seen in the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE, new waymarks and features will be added in Patch 5.2.


With the addition of “3” and “4”, we’ll now have a total of 8 waymarks!
(How odd, I could’ve sworn adding 3 and 4 equals 7…)

We’ll also be getting a new feature that saves and loads waymark positions! Waymark positions can be saved as a preset, and from then on you can just load the preset in that duty to place the waymarks with just one click!


I’m quite certain this will also be used as a shortcut for placing waymarks to spell 3-letter words.

■ Duty Finder
The duty commencement window will now display your current Duty Finder settings.


Now it’ll be easier to tell when you’ve accidentally selected Minimum IL when you’re trying to solo a dungeon! (shudders)

Additionally, the penalty message displayed when withdrawing from a popped duty will now be shown to all party members and not just the withdrawing player.

■ Reply in Selected Chat Mode
Have you ever tried to respond to a joke in FC chat, and accidentally replied in party chat? Or said “Thanks for the party!” in a linkshell when it was meant for your party at the end of the duty?

Whenever I do this, I have to stop and type out an explanation and end up falling behind. Ugh!


Worry not, “Reply in Selected Chat Mode” may help with that!

Select a message in your chat log and open the subcommand menu, and “Reply to Selected Chat Mode” will be right there!

■ Duty Recorder
Duty Recorder can now be used in the following duties:
– The Dying Gasp
– The Minstrel’s Ballad: Hades’s Elegy
– The Copied Factory

After a direct request from Yoshi-P, Duty Recorder will now be capable of recording in alliance raids. Now I can take a good look to see if 2P is guiding me to safety each time!


Also, up until now players were forced to leave a completed duty after 10 minutes had elapsed, but starting from Patch 5.2, you’ll be able to stay in the duty until the duty timer itself expires!
* If 10 minutes or less remain in the duty, you’ll still be removed from the duty in 10 minutes.

The battle against Ruby Weapon, Ocean Fishing, and more will be coming in Patch 5.2 on Tuesday, February 18! Please look forward to it!

– Voltenyne
Community Team

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