UPDATE: Voltron LEGOs Are Official Thanks To Fan Demand

Update: The Voltron LEGOs have officially been confirmed and are moving into development for 2018. We're updating with the fan model photos here, which you can also find on LEGO's announcement post.


Since 2011, Lego has been turning the best fan-made creations into official sets that hit retail shelves. The first Minecraft, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, The Big Bang Theory, Wall E, and Doctor Who sets were all fan-made. Thousands of sets flood the Lego Ideas website each year, and hundreds receive great fan support, but only a select few make it through Lego's review process and onto retail shelves.

Lego is currently evaluating 12 different sets, including one based on the 1999 Warner Bros film The Iron Giant, and another for the popular 1980s and Netflix animated series Voltron. The Iron Giant set consists of 2,023 Lego pieces, and would come with five minifigures. The Voltron set doesn't list the number of pieces, but it can be broken down and reassembled as five individual lions. In robot form, Voltron stands in at 16" and weighs 1kg.

I'd like to see The Iron Giant set make it to stores first, but the 2,000 pieces make it a near impossibility, as it would likely sell around $300.

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