Batman: Arkham City Hides Several Fun Secrets Beyond The Camera

Batman: Arkham City was one of the best games of 2011, and our own Andrew Reiner then argued it was the best licensed video game ever made. Though it's a fairly polished, tight expeirence from beginning to end, it still holds a few artifacts that show off that all games have to throw in a few tricks and secrets to make games tick.

For example, in the Youtubber Shesez's latest Boundary Break video, he finds that the Bruce Wayne model used in the game's opening cutscene and the one you play as in the first playable part of the game aren't the same one. Not only that, but the cutscene model actually exists in the game world, albeit far below where anyone in Gotham would be able to find the doppleganger. We also see some the amusing tricks developer Rocksteady pulled when designing the Mad Hatter section of the game.

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