BioWare Gives Us Our First Look At The Next Dragon Age Game

Click to watch embedded media On Gamescom’s opening night, Dragon Age fans were treated to a big su…

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On Gamescom's opening night, Dragon Age fans were treated to a big surprise. BioWAre VP and GM Casey Hudson introduced a new behind-the-scenes trailer by saying the team has been imagining new ways to use next-gen technology to bring the world and characters of Dragon Age to life. Hudson notes they're still in pre-production but wanted to give everyone some insight into how the developers are crafting this game. 

BioWare is creating an original world, complete with original wildlife and architecture, for the next game in the series. Expect new places and people, and to interact with people who grew up in these different locales. Also, this is a story about what happens when you don't have power and when people aren't willing to address issues. As always, a big focus will be on the companions you have around and their learning  their stories. You're building friendships and making your own family, after all.

The trailer showed us divisive character Solas, and voice actors recording lines for "Bellara" and "Davrin."

And as always, expect choices to affect the world and go as far as to determine if a party member will live or die.

You can watch everything in the trailer above, which gives you a good idea of some of the landscapes you'll explore and the enemies you'll fight alongside providing valuable developer insight. 

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