Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow

Greetings & salutations everyone, Okie…

Greetings & salutations everyone,

Okieeomi here to bring you a special Valentione’s Day event update. I hope you’ve been able to experience all the exciting activities the event has to offer!

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, this seasonal event was segmented into two phases; the voting phase and the suspenseful result phase.

During the voting period, adventurers across Eorzea were tasked with listening to the advice each of the protégés offered to lovesick individuals. After which, they were asked to cast a vote on whom they felt most fit to assume the role of emissary of love for this year’s festival!

We had hoped for a fierce clash of blue, red, and yellow, but one individual shone beyond the rest and all Worlds ended up being dyed red! Astrid received an overwhelming number of votes from her adoring fans, granting her a clear victory!

The support for Astrid was far greater than we could have ever imagined, but we’d like to thank every single adventurer who cast a vote for their beloved protégés.

But hold onto your gaelicaps, I can hear your fingertips ferociously typing from beyond the rift:
“But Okieeomie… I wanted Rodrigault to win! I wanted to see the town doused in blue!”
“Oh, Okieeomie! I voted for Bert, and I love yellow. Please let me see the yellow décor!”

With a quick /flex and a flick of the wrists, I’ve taken a peek at what that would’ve looked like and have brought the images to share with you all!

First off, let’s see a World doused in blue!


The beautiful blue cool tones give off the sense of a serene environment. Those that resonated with Rodrigault’s advice to meditate and turn towards nature by focusing on themselves would have experienced this option had the votes swayed in his favor.


During the quest, adventurers head over to the Conjurers’ Guild to meet up with the client.


While thoroughly explaining the situation to Guildmaster E-Sumi-Yan…


Sylphie appears! The guildmaster’s apprentice proceeds to give us all quite a comprehensive lecture on the importance of personal hygiene and the need for a strong fashion sense. Presumably thwarted by the young girl, Rodrigault reveals it to be all simply part of the plan, and the meditation session was never to be carried out in the first place! Rodrigault admits he would rather set the pendulum in motion and let fate carry out the rest.

I guess you could say Rodrigault really knows how to plan ahead!

Moving on, let’s see what a World dressed in Yellow would’ve looked like!


The color theme matches Bert’s playful and hot-blooded personality. This is how things would’ve appeared had the vote been cast in favor at Bert’s request to take up woodworking and find true love alongside your own hobbies.


Adventurers meet up with the client at the Carpenters’ Guild. He’s not overly thrilled to take up the task of woodworking, but Bert eagerly manages to convince him otherwise and the requestor joins the guild.


Upon entering, we’re greeted by the guildmaster, Beatin. Astonished, Beatin asks Bert if he is joking…
Why on earth he would want the Carpenters’ Guild to entertain warriors at woodworking?!

The client hesitantly tells Beatin he is quite serious about joining the guild and would like to better understand l-o-v-e when…


Wait, I’m not sure that’s what our client said…


Gods forfend, Beatin is at it again! He’s deafly misheard our client’s word of “love” for “lumber”!
At the request of Beatin, the client is forced into the forest to meticulously memorize all trees types and their locations found in the Twelveswood!

“Man, woman, wood…in matters of the heart, I daresay the difference is immaterial,” said Bert.

Valentione’s Day is ongoing until Monday, February 17. If you haven’t had a chance to obtain the glamour rewards or the new fancy chocolate fountain furnishing items, you still have some time!

And since we’re on the topic of the fountain, it was actually one of the winning entries from the furnishing design contest!


Here’s the cute design that was submitted during the contest~


The best part is that you can even dye it to match whatever type of chocolate your heart desires .

Alright then, that’s all the ardor and affection we have in store for today! Until we meet again~

– Community Team

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