Build-A-Bear Adds Mario Characters And Accessories

Build-A-Bear, the fixture of shopping malls across America in the service of letting children build and customize teddy bears, has rolled out a new line of Nintendo-themed "bears" and accessories.

The new line, which includes bears that look like Mario, Peach, and Luigi, or the humans of the Mushroom Kingdom. In addition, there are bears that are just straight up Yoshi, Bowser, and Toad – you know, the weird monster people of the Mushroom Kingdom. Or if you just want to accessorize the doll with kit like Mario-logo hoodies and power ups.

You can also customize your bear or bear-like creature with sounds, like making it play the Mario theme or say Bowser lines, which I personally think would be funny coming from Toad.

Check out the new line of bears at the source link below.

[Source: Build-A-Bear]


Our Take
It would be interesting if Build-A-Bear expands past the Mario universe into more Nintendo characters. It is pretty interesting to see Nintendo get more liberal with its licensing without it being a total wild west like the late 1980s.

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