Disintegration, Halo Co-creator’s Latest Shooter, Is Removing Its Multiplayer Mode For Good

When Disintegration launched earlier th…

When Disintegration launched earlier this summer, we had a few qualms with its uninspired combat and mission design. And while we did enjoy its engaging multiplayer components, not many other players did. After only a few months, Disintegration’s multiplayer servers will be phased out. 

Private Division and V1 Interactive issued a statement on the Disintegration official blog today explaining that while the single-player campaign of the game was popular, the same could not be said for its multiplayer mode. The in-game store will be removed today and by November 17th, Disintegration’s multiplayer servers will be gone for good. Private Division and V1 Interactive did assure, however, that the game’s single-player mode would remain. 

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