Dragon Quest Heroes II Explorer’s Edition Increases Your Armory

When you have to plow through enemies in Dragon Quest Heroes II, you're going to need a little help. How does 15 bonus weapons sound? Square Enix has announced the Explorer's Edition of the game for PS4 and PC featuring over a dozen extra weapons.

The good news about this edition is that even with the extra arsenal, it's basically the defacto version of the game and it only costs $59.99. Additionally, if you preorder through the PlayStation digital store, you'll also get an exclusive PS4 theme, Dragon Quest I hero costume, and a Healix the Hero recipe for Dragon Quest Builders. The latter ties to that already-released title, allowing you to build a statue of the DQH II character in DQ Builders.

For a full list of the edition's contents, click here. Dragon Quest Heroes II comes out on PS4 and PC on April 25.

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