FFXIV Fan Gathering at the Postal Museum in London

Greetings Warriors of Light (or Darkness…

Greetings Warriors of Light (or Darkness)! Kiwikopo reporting in with some details on what went down at last week’s Fan Gathering in London!


We visited the Mail Rail at the Postal Museum with about 200 adventurers, many of whom were there for the first time.



We also had a surprise guest, who was none other than our Producer and Director Yoshi-P himself!


Of course, we had to have him do the honours of drawing the raffle winners. We had a lot of prizes to give away on the night, including a signed Shadowbringers PlayStation 4!


Please do not step on him… literally…


To wrap it up, we had a Free Company Shoutout session where everyone took turns in going on stage and delivering speeches dedicated to their free companies or friends. We had some pretty memorable (and enthusiastic) ones and were super happy to see some familiar faces!



Our old friend, the la-HEE Serpent of Ronka, also returned as a special guest (in plushie form)!


Aside from the activities above, we had a mini-train available so our adventurers could journey through the tunnels of Amh Araeng – I mean the historical postal railway of London!


Once again, a huge thank you to everyone for coming to the Fan Gathering and to the Postal Museum for hosting us. I hope you all had as much fun as we did, and we can’t wait to see you again at the next event!


EU Community Team

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