For Honor – Season 4 Brings New Heroes, Maps, and Modes November 14

For Honor’s fourth season starts tomorrow, November 14, and fans are about to get some of the biggest post-launch updates and additions the game has seen to date. Not only will Season Four – titled Order & Havoc – bring two new Heroes and maps to the fray, but Tribute matches will introduce new, strategic ways to play, and will be followed up later in the season by the Ranked Dominion mode.

The centerpiece of any new content drop is, of course, the new Heroes, and Season Four’s are especially formidable. The Samurai get a new Hybrid, the Aramusha, who wields dual katanas and can unleash quick attack chains and counters to keep enemies off-balance. Meanwhile, the Vikings add the Shaman to their ranks, a nimble Assassin type who can pounce on unsuspecting foes and becomes far deadlier if her opponent is bleeding. Both the Aramusha and the Shaman will be immediately available to Season Pass holders tomorrow, and other players will be able to unlock them for 15,000 Steel each beginning November 21.

The new maps, meanwhile, will be free to all players starting tomorrow. One of them, Market Town, offers up a multi-tiered battlefield of rooftops and alleyways crisscrossed with ziplines, which you can use to get around quickly or drop onto foes from above. The other is Gauntlet, a huge Viking fortress that funnels attackers through a series of deadly defenses.

Finally, Tribute is a new 4v4 mode that challenges teams of players to capture three Offerings scattered around the map, which then have to be returned to your team’s Shrines. Placing an Offering at a Shrine gives your team a special buff, making the battle increasingly tougher on your opponents. Like the maps, Tribute will be free to all players at launch.

Additionally, For Honor is on sale today across all digital platforms for up to 60% off, giving new players an extra incentive to start playing the most refined For Honor experience yet. For Honor is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One; for more, check out our previous For Honor coverage.

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