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Greetings, everyone! Zhexos from the Com…

Greetings, everyone!

Zhexos from the Community team here! Patch 5.2 is around the corner (arriving February 18!), so today I’d like to go over some updates coming to the group pose feature!

* Be sure to click each image to view the full size!

▼Control Guide has been added

While there are many seasoned “gposers” out there, there may be those who are confused by some of the settings and how features within group pose work.

We’ve added a control guide that will give you a basic overview on what controls to use to improve your screenshot game!


You’ll be able to go from something like this…

To this! Yes, yes! (Wait, where did my character go…)


*The Control Guide will automatically open when you enter Group Pose and can be turned on/off through the menu options.

The Control Guide gives you basic controls on:
■ Tilt, Pan, Twisting camera movements
■ Changing the focus target of the camera
■ Disabling motions on a target

Be sure to check out the guide if you’re new to the world of taking screen shots or if you’re looking to level up your skills!

▼Addition of Frames Unaffected by Camera Settings
As you may know, we’ve introduced various frames in the past; however, the size of these frames was affected by your camera’s angle of view position. In 5.2 we’re adding frames that are unaffected by these camera settings!

Confused? Let me give you some visual examples.

Frames Added up to Patch 5.1
All the previous frames changed the size of the frame based on your camera’s angle of view.


Here we can see how the size of the frame is affected between different angle of view settings.

This is useful for some specific types of screenshots, but we’ve received feedback asking to be able to adjust the angle without affecting the size of the actual frame.

We’ve got you covered!

New Frames Added in Patch 5.2
We’ve added new frames that aren’t affected by these camera’s settings!
And worry not, you can continue to use the existing frames as well!


Here we can see how the size of the frame itself is now unaffected, but you’re still able to change the angle of view.

▼Frames, Frames, Frames!
That’s not all, we’re also introducing some brand new frames!


How about a Journal frame?


Want to turn yourself, your friends, or your favorite minion into an Elite Mark? Now you can do that too!

The frames got buffed in Patch 5.2 so be sure to check them out!

▼Feature to Save and Load Camera/Lighting Settings
Those of us who have been taking a lot of screenshots with the Group Pose feature will be pleased to hear that you’ll now be able to save and load your camera and lighting settings.

Got that perfect angle, zoom, and three point lighting but don’t like redoing the settings every time? Or do you, like me, keep forgetting what settings you had it on? This is for you!


Once you’ve got the perfect shot set up, you can now save the camera and lighting settings through the Save Settings menu located on the bottom left of the Group Pose Settings window.


Now all you have to do is load the settings and you’re ready to shoot!


Now you can set up your perfect shot before hand, jump into Group Pose, load up the settings and take a quick snap!

Here are some screenshots taken by our QA team.





We’re excited to see what types of screenshots you all will come up with utilizing these new features! Keep on capturing those great screenshots and be sure to share it with the rest of the community!

Community Team

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