Here’s How To Beat Matterfall’s Difficult Final Boss

Matterfall is a challenging game. However, it's final boss is a particularly excrutiating pain as its hard to learn the patterns necessary to defeat him thanks to how much chaos is going on during the battle at any given moment. We've recorded a successful run of taking down him down. Obviously, there are MAJOR SPOILERS here, so don't watch if you don't want Matterfall's final battle revealed to you.

Okay, if you're still reading want to know how to take down The Weaponized Excavator here's a video. My recommendation for augmentations is this: Railgun, Shockwave Radius, and Strike Damage. As you can see in the video below, the shockwave radius is essential because it will allow you to destroy all of the excavator's fireballs as they come at you, letting you get a shot off with the railgun during the rhtyum dodging segments. The Strike Damage augmentation let's you blow through enemies without firing on them, giving you more space to work with.

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