Licensed Mario-Themed Controllers Coming To Switch In September

This year, Super Mario Bros. celebrates…

This year, Super Mario Bros. celebrates its 35th anniversary, and a pair of third-party controllers are helping the hero celebrate in style. Hori is releasing a kid-friendly Hori Mini Pad, while PowerA’s Enhanced controller is aimed at everyone else.

The Hori Mini Pad is coming out September 1, and it features art of Mario and Bowser enjoying an uncharacteristically peaceful moment outside of Princess Peach’s castle. Its compact form, which reminds us of the Wii’s Classic Controller, is designed for smaller hands, and doesn’t include gyro or rumble functionality.

The PowerA Enhanced Golden M controller lets you remap buttons to best suit the way you play. Also, it has a bunch of Mario stuff on it in the shape of a golden M. It’s coming to retailers starting September 4.

Both controllers are wired and priced at around $25.


[Source: GameSpot via Destructoid

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