Madden 18 Fixes For Legacy Issues Outlined

Madden players – no matter what mode they prefer – always have a shortlist of gameplay irks. Some have been around for years, and others are the result of recent changes or exploits. Today the Madden devs over at EA Tiburon have listed out some of the legacy issues addressed by Madden 18.

The list contains very specific issues such as last year's Swerve catch exploit to new options like position-specific defensive hot routes. Other problems worked on this year include getting caught from behind by slower players, better sideline control for RAC catches, DBs choosing to swat versus going for the pick, and more. Also integrated into these adjustment are new features such as the competitive gameplay style, which helps address DBs that drop easy INTs.

For the full list of changes and improvements, head over to the official Madden blog.

[Source: Madden NFL 18]

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