Minecraft’s Cross-Play Beta Starts Today

At E3 2017, Microsoft announced that it was unifying Minecraft under its forthcoming Better Together update, which will allow Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile players to play the game together. Today, Windows 10 and Android players can see how it's shaping up with the release of an open beta that will allow them to explore worlds in cross-platform play.

In addition to the beta (which you can learn more about here), Microsoft has released a massive update to the game's so-called Bedrock Engine platforms (the Windows 10 and mobile versions of the game). Those players will be able to incorporate stained-glass windows and custom banners into their designs, explore ravines, enjoy the sights of dancing parrots, and more.

An Xbox One version of the beta will be coming "soon," according to Microsoft, so stay tuned.

Once it's released later this year, the Better Together update will essentially unify supported platforms – Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile – under the Minecraft name, which will all support cross-platform play. The Java and PlayStation 4 versions will continue to be supported and updated, but they'll be discrete versions of the game that will be known by their individual edition names as opposed to simply being called Minecraft.


Our Take
I'm looking forward to finally playing some multiplayer Minecraft with my kids that's not in a split-screen window. Hopefully, Sony decides to play along eventually. Meanwhile, it's not like there is a lack of other devices to choose from.

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