PSA: Nier Automata Is Available On PC Starting Today

Nier Automata hit PS4 a few weeks ago. The game is now available on PC.

Our reviewer, Joe Juba, found it a bit rough in places but also filled with interesting moments.

Some parts of Nier: Automata genuinely thrilled and surprised me, but it is a constant exercise in sacrifice. Combat has improved compared to the original Nier, but it still isn’t fully engaging. The progression system has cool ideas, but doesn’t offer enough depth. The premise is fascinating, but it is dulled by repetition. Ultimately, tapping into the sad and unique story that flows under the surface of Nier: Automata makes these trade-offs worthwhile, but I’m disappointed by how deeply it’s buried.

For more on Nier Automata, check out our video feature on what makes the game so interesting.

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