Resident Evil Village Could Come To PS4 And Xbox One, Capcom “Looking Into It”

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Capcom has revealed that they are “looking into” bringing Resident Evil Village to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms, though that is not the current priority at this time. 

The latest tease from the company came by way of the Tokyo Game Show showcase, which is going on now. When Resident Evil Village was first announced, it was targeted as a next-gen experience for the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5, forcing console players to upgrade their setups before taking part. 

Now it looks like the next gen restriction might not remain in place, because the dev team is “looking into” bringing it to Xbox One and PS4, though the livestream segment did clarify that Capcom is not ready to make any promises regarding a current gen delivery at this time. 

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“We’re looking into it,” added producer Tsuyoshi Kanda during the livestream. “But we can’t make any promises. However, we will do our best in creating a top-tier survival horror experience on current generation consoles.” 

With Resident Evil Village taking place after the events of 7 with the return of Ethan Winters and a “much darker” narrative than prior entries, it would be nice to see the title be more accessible via generations. Still, it’s good that Capcom isn’t promising anything it can’t guarantee it will deliver, and fans will still be able to enjoy what’s next on next gen platforms and on PC. 

We don’t have a release date for Resident Evil Village at this time, only that it is coming out sometime in 2021. 

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