Splatoon 2’s Next Splatfest Pits Sci-Fi Against Fantasy

Nintendo has revealed that the next Splatfest, kicking off November 17, will be Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy.

Splatfests pit two teams against each other over two days of multiplayer matches, with the teams picking their sides and sometimes being very, very lopsided. Players choose their teams based on how they answer the poll questions and then are graded at the end based on matches won and popularity. Sometimes the more popular choice has lost and sometimes it blows the other choice out.

In addition, the Inkbrush Nouveau releases tonight. It is functionally the same as the normal Inkbrush, but comes with the Ink Mine and the Baller as its weapon set.

Assuming this is not "Who would win in a fight?" (because Sci-Fi would win handily) and is mostly which you would prefer, where do you stand on Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy?

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