Square Enix’s Balan Wonderworld Steps Into The Spotlight

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Square Enix recently announced a new studio called Balan Company, but the actual game the team was working on remained a mystery. However, the publisher lifted the curtain today by revealing Balan Wonderworld, a unique 3D action/platformer wrapped in an engaging theatrical theme.

Helmed by director Yuji Naka (known for his work on the Sonic series), this colorful and dream-like world seems to take elements from series like Sonic (of course), Kingdom Hearts, and Nights. Balan Wonderworld’s story focuses on stars Emma and Leo (led by a maestro named Balan) who use costumes and abilities in platforming action. They explore 12 distinct tales within Wonderworld, which is an imaginary land that blurs the line between memory and reality.

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In an explanatory post, Naka emphasizes how important costumes are in the gameplay. “There are more than 80 of these extraordinary costumes to collect in the game,” Naka says. “In other words, you will endeavor to solve the world’s mysteries by using more than 80 kinds of action abilities. The possibilities are endless as you bash your enemies, walk in the air, freeze time and manipulate all kinds of objects with the costumes you collect!”

Balan Wonderworld was announced during the Xbox Games Showcase, and will release on Xbox One and Xbox Series X in spring 2021. However, it is also coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.

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