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Hello everyone, this is Voltenyne from t…

Hello everyone, this is Voltenyne from the Community Team.

Patch 5.3 – Reflections in Crystal is just around the corner!

We just released the patch notes, and perhaps it’s raised your anticipation levels higher than the Crystal Tower. I thought it might be great time to ease that (or raise them higher?) with a sneak peek, so here’s a little preview of the new group pose features in Patch 5.3!

New Feature: Sticker Mode

Those of you who feel overwhelmed by group pose’s various features may want to give it another try with this new Sticker Mode! It’s very easy to decorate your screenshots and make them even more fun.


There are all sorts of stickers available, including minions, furnishings, and speech bubbles.
You can even change their size, rotate them, and change their transparency.

“This questline was enjoyable!”
“I had a great time with my friends!”
Snap a screenshot during those little everyday moments to fondly look back at them later!
Or you could create some funny memes and share them online for internet cred!

Using stickers is kind of like drawing little doodles, and you have plenty of room to goof around.

Check out a few of our sample creations:

“Passing on family traditions.”

“Sneaky snack switcheroo!”

New Motion Settings

The new Lip Movement feature allows you to move characters’ lips, similar to what you see during cutscenes or when sending messages in chat. You can enable lip movements on a selected character to open/close their mouth or make them appear to be speaking.

And if you were one of the many who wanted to adjust a character’s gaze without ruining their pose, look no further. The Track Camera option will direct a selected character to look towards the camera while holding the rest of their pose!

These new settings will make it much easier to emphasize a certain emotion or expression in your character screenshots!

We have some more samples for these too:

“What do you MEAN we’re having popoto stew?!'”

“Thancred: LET’S GOOOOOOO! Y’shtola and Urianger: (incoherent screaming)”

New Filters and Frames
We’ve added a new filter which mimics the color scheme you see in our patch trailers. There’s also a new frame that turns your screenshots into a Triple Triad card! (There are stickers for the Triple Triad stars and numbers too!)

Can we interest you in some more samples?

“The latest trailer, featuring your very own Warrior of Darkness!”

“What time is it? RAID TIME!”

Once you get started with group pose, you’ll find that there’s no end to the number of creative screenshots you can take! There are even more new changes and additions, such as a toggle for looping motions, and being able to show eating animations with furnishings. The development team truly packed a lot of detail into this update!

I hope everyone will have a great time playing with all sorts of features in group pose!
Who knows, you might even end up taking the most screenshots in Patch 5.3 than you ever have before!

As a parting gift, here’s a final batch of screenshot shenanigans!

“Help the Otter Spotter find the REAL Odder Otter amongst Other Odder Otters!”

“See you, Space Namazu.”

“Can YOU spot all the differences?”

“When your friends ask how you’re driving the Regalia without stepping on the gas.”

“But come! Let us cast aside titles and pretense, and reveal our true faces to one another!”

Hope you all enjoy Patch 5.3!

– Community Team

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