Super Meat Boy And Mutant Mudds Deluxe Announced For Nintendo Switch

Two indie platformers, Mutant Mudds and Super Meat Boy, were announced for the Switch today over Twitter.

First, Team Meat, the anagram lover's developer of Super Meat Boy, revealed this picture of Super Meat Boy running on the Switch. Yesterday, the account also teased a retail version of the game on Switch coming from Nicalis. Unfortunately, due to a dispute with the game's original composer, it is unlikely this version of Super Meat Boy will have the game's original soundtrack.

About half an hour later, Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid posted the first shot of Mutant Mudds Deluxe on Switch. The game previously appeared on a Switch indie infographic, but this is the first official acknowledgement of its existence.


Our Take
The more indie games that we can play portably, the better. Super Meat Boy especially is a great choice for on-the-go gaming, but maybe not a good choice for throwing your controller in frustration.

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