Take A Look At Overwatch’s Summer Games 2020 Skins

Starting today and running through August 26, Overwatch players can unlock a variety of new hero skins themed after Summer Games. Karate Doomfist, Lifeguard Pharah, and Surf’s Up Echo are just a few of the additions.

Players will also have the chance to participate in Lucioball Remix, a variation of the annual mode that Blizzard describes as a “faster, more chaotic, multi-ball version.” In this Remix, two balls are in play, and bonus balls periodically spawn and are worth three points each. The game also doesn’t stop after a goal; you just keep on going. The maps for Busan and Sydney feature more wall-riding opportunities and jump pad surfaces. Lucio also has new moves for this mode, such as the ability to crouch while mid-air to lunge down, and increased boop range.

The Summer Games event once again pushes players to earn wins in any mode to unlock epic skins. In week one, nine wins nets you the Union Jack Tracer Epic Skin. In week two, the same feat brings the reward of the Sand Castle Bastion Epic Skin. Week three’s efforts get you the Ice Cream Orisa Epic Skin.

You can see all of the skins and some new sprays in the gallery below:

Click image thumbnails to view larger version



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