You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bomb

Greetings and salutations! Okieeomi here…

Greetings and salutations! Okieeomi here from the Community Team, bringing you the latest summer scoop on this year’s seasonal festivities!

As the temperature steadily rises to feverish levels and the sea breeze aroma lofts through the air, the Moonfire Faire is upon us once more!

Event Period
From Wednesday, 12 August at 8:00 to Wednesday, 26 August at 14:59 (GMT)

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about summer?


Maybe you sit and ponder for a moment and find yourself recollecting the norm- beaches, bikinis, bombards or…



Do you like sharks?

Baby sharks, mommy sharks, daddy sharks, even the sharks that would dare surf on the winds of Garuda! I absolutely adore them all!

To all the shark enthusiasts out there, or those who are looking for an action-packed summer, please look forward to this year’s Moonfire Faire!

Next, let’s go over how to participate in this year’s Moonfire Faire.

How to Participate
The event begins in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.5, Y:13.8) where you can speak with Mayaru Moyaru to accept the quest.


Quest Details – A Fish Too Far
Mayaru Moyaru is grinning from ear to ear, and yet something in his eyes suggests this year’s celebration is not all smiles and sunshine. Whatever dangers lurk beneath the surface of this year’s faire, event chaperones are not like to turn away a helping hand.

Find out for yourself when the event begins!

Event Rewards
Equipment: Summer’s Flame Outfit


Complete your summer fashion this season with this year’s resort-themed pareo!
The hand-weaved hat design and the elegant floral pattern on the pareo are appealing enough to attract the eye of any fashion collector.

Of course, this attire is dyeable! Dyeing this attire changes the appearance quite a bit, so be sure to try out a variety of colors to your hearts content!


Emote: Flame Dance
A traditional Lalafellin dance hailing from the sunny south sea isles.
Move and groove your hips to the rhythm of the ocean with this brand-new dance. ♪



Outdoor Furnishing: Water Bomb Stand
Deck out your front lawn with the new water balloon vendor’s stall! This furnishing, which appears around the three city-states each Moonfire Faire, will finally be available as a reward item! It’s considerably large once placed so be on the lookout while visiting the housing wards!


Now, combine it together with some of your favorite existing outdoor furnishings to enjoy a unique summer vibe in your yard!


We simply can’t wait to share this Moonfire Faire with you all! What are you most looking forward to this year?

Personally, aside from the sharks, I can’t wait to watch the spectacle of fireworks that light the night sky each and every year.

Until next time,

Visit the Moonfire Faire event site.

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